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Sao Mai Braille (SMB) is a rich text editing and Braille translation software, developed by Sao Mai Center for the Blind. We hope that this additional tool will help blind individuals/organizations for/of visually impaired people produce Braille materials quickly and less costly. In order to support our free activities at Sao Mai and add more features/improvements for the software, we charge for each single user license at a very affordable price of 50USD. Sao Mai Center is a non-profit organization based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Read more about us.


Main window of Sao Mai Braille


SMB main features:

  • Editing and translating rich text into Braille.
  • 6-key input method with FDSJKL and VCXM,.
  • Supporting to translate into Braille for more than 60 languages with the LibLouis library.
  • Working and translating into Braille correctly with popular document formats such as Microsoft Word (*.doc, *.docx).
  • Allowing to translate document written in multiple languages by their correct Braille translation table.
  • Inputting math equations and translating into Braille (UEB standard).
  • Inserting, editing and converting images into Braille tactile graphic.
  • Highly customizing translation options to process Braille formats with built-in styles set.
  • Friendly and multi-lingual user interface.


Installation and Registration

SMB uses very limited computer resource and have no special system requirements. It has been tested on Windows 7, 8 and 10 for both 32-bit and 64-bit. However, SMB is expected to run without any problems on older Windows like XP or Vista. SMB requires administration right during the installation progress. Download links are at the end of this post.

Steps to install SMB are simple and similar to many other Windows applications, run the setup file and follow the instructions.


The software will expire after 30 days. Users can experiment full features during this 30-day demo period. In order to continue using it after that, users have to register. Price for one single user license (per computer) is 50USD. For non-profit organizations serving the blind with limited budget can contact us for our license donations. All incomes from our charged services and products are contributed back to Sao Mai free support activities for visually impaired people and further development.

To register, go to menu Help, choose Register, copy your code and email to us. Please include your payment info, your registration name and the code. Email us at: For payment methods, you can either use bank transfer or secured PayPal which supports visa/credit cards. See more information about payment methods.

If you have any further questions or order placement requests, please contact us.



Please fill out the form below to download the software. If you cannot download, please contact us.
We are a non-profit organization and we rely on donations and grants to continue improving, developing new assistive tools and providing free related services for visually impaired people. So, your giving a hand is highly appreciated and much thankful. Please read our Letter of Appeal for more information.


Sao Mai Braille Video Tutorial