The History of Painting in Italy, Vol. 4

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 CHAP. I. MANTUAN SCHOOL. Page Epoch I. Of Mantegna and his successors 5 Epoch II. Giulio Romano and his school 14 Epoch III. Decline of the school, and foundation of an academy in order to restore it 26 CHAP. II. MODENESE SCHOOL. Epoch I. The old masters 32 Epoch II. Imitation of Raffaello and Coreggio in the sixteenth century 42 Epoch III. The Modenese artists of the seventeenth century chiefly follow the example of the Bolognese 57 CHAP. III. SCHOOL OF PARMA. Epoch I. The ancients 74 Epoch II. Coreggio, and those who succeeded him in his school 79 Epoch III. Parmese school of the Caracci, and of other foreigners until the period of the foundation of the academy 134 CHAP. IV. SCHOOL OF CREMONA. Epoch I. The ancients 148 Epoch II. Camillo Boccaccino, Il Soiaro, the Campi 163 Epoch III. Decline of the school of the Campi. Trotti and other artists support it 182 Epoch IV. Foreign manners introduced into Cremona 194 CHAP. V. SCHOOL OF MILAN. Epoch I. Account of the ancient masters until the time of Vinci 206[a] Epoch II. Vinci establishes an academy of design at Milan. His pupils and the best native artists down to the time of Gaudenzio 238 Epoch III. The Procaccini and other foreign and native artists form a new academy, with new styles, in the city and state of Milan 283 Epoch IV. After the time of Daniele Crespi the art declines. A third academy is founded for its improvement 305

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