Nietzsche and Art

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 Part I
 Anarchy in Modern Art
 The State of Modern Art
 The Fine Arts:
 1. The Artists
 2. The Public
 3. The Critics
 4. Some Art-Criticisms
 Part II
 Suggested Causes of the Anarchy in Modern Art 
 1. Morbid Irritability
 2. Misleading Systems of Æsthetic
 3. Our Heritage:—
 (a) Christianity
 (b) Protestantism
 (c) Philosophical Influences
 (d) The Evolutionary Hypothesis
 Government in Art—Nietzsche's Definition of Art
 Part I
 Divine Art and the Man—God
 1. The World "Without Form" and "Void"
 2. The First Artists
 3. The People and their Man-God
 4. The Danger
 5. The Two Kinds of Artists 
 Part II
 Deductions from Part I—Nietzsche's Art Principles
 1. The Spirit of the Age incompatible with Ruler Art
 2. A Thrust parried. Police or Detective Art defined
 3. The Purpose of Art Still the Same as Ever
 4. The Artist's and the Layman's View of Life
 5. The Confusion of the Two Points of View
 6. The Meaning of Beauty of Form and of Beauty of Content in Art
 7. The Meaning of Ugliness of Form and of Ugliness of Content in Art
 8. The Ruler-Artist's Style and Subject
 Part III
 Landscape and Portrait Painting
 1. The Value "Ugly" in the Mouth of the Dionysian Artist
 2. Landscape Painting
 3. Portrait Painting
 Nietzsche's art principles in the history of art
 Part I 
 Christianity and the Renaissance 
 1. Rome and the Christian Ideal
 2. The Pagan Type appropriated and transformed by Christian Art
 3. The Gothic Building and Sentiment
 4. The Renaissance
 Part II
 Greece and Egypt
 1. Greek Art
 (a) The Parthenon
 (b) The Apollo of Tenea
 (c) The Two Art-Wills of Ancient Greece
 (d) Greek Painting
 2. Egyptian Art
 (a) King Khephrën
 (b) The Lady Nophret
 (c) The Pyramid

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