Facts and Arguments for Darwin

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 Chapter 1. Introductory.
 Chapter 2. The Species of Melita.
 Chapter 3. Morphology of Crustacea.
 Chapter 4. Sexual Peculiarities and Dimorphism.
 Chapter 5. Respiration in Land Crabs.
 Chapter 6. Structure of the Heart in Edriophthalma.
 Chapter 7. Developmental History of Podophthalma.
 Chapter 8. Developmental History of Edriophthalma.
 Chapter 9. Developmental History of Entomostraca, Cirripedes, and Rhizocephala.
 Chapter 10. On the Principles of Classification.
 Chapter 11. On the Progress of Evolution.
 Chapter 12. Progress of Evolution in Crustacea.


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