Legends of the Rhine

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 St. Gotthard. The Petrified Alp 7

Thusis on the Hinter Rhine. The Last Hohenrätier

 Bodensee. The Island of Mainau

 Basle. One Hour in Advance

 Castle Niedeck. The Toy of the young Giantess

 Strassburg. The Cathedral Clock

   The little Man at the Angel's Pillar

 Worms. The Nibelungen Lied

 Speyer. The Bells of Speyer

 Frankfort. The Knave of Bergen

 Mayence. Heinrich Frauenlob

   Bishop Willigis


 Ingelheim. Eginhard and Emma

 Rüdesheim. The Brömserburg

 Bingen. The Mouse-Tower

 Valley of the Nahe. Kreuznach. A mighty draught

  The Foundation of Castle Sponheim

 Assmannshausen. St. Clement's Chapel

 Castle Rheinstein. The Wooing

 Castle Sooneck. The Blind Archer

 The Ruins of Fürstenberg. The Mother's Ghost

 Bacharach. Burg Stahleck

 Kaub. Castle Gutenfels

 Oberwesel. The Seven Maidens

 St. Goar. Lorelei

 Rheinfels. St. George's Linden

 Sterrenberg and Liebenstein. The Brothers

 Rhense. The Emperor Wenzel

 Castle Lahneck. The Templars of Lahneck

 Coblenz. Riza

 Valley of the Moselle. The Doctor's wine of Bernkastel

 Andernach. Genovefa

 Hammerstein. The old Knight and his Daughters

 Valley of the Ahr. The Last Knight of Altenahr

   The Minstrel of Neuenahr

 Eifel. The Arrow at Prüm

 Aachen. The Building of the Minster

   The Ring of Fastrada

 Rolandseck. Knight Roland

 Siebengebirge. The Drachenfels

   The Monk of Heisterbach

   The Origin of the Seven Mountains

   The Nightingale Valley at Honnef

 Godesberg. The High Cross at Godesberg

 Bonn. Lord Erich's Pledge

   The Roman Ghosts

 Cologne. Richmodis of Aducht

   The Goblins

   Jan and Griet

   The Cathedral-Builder of Cologne

 Xanten. Siegfried

 Cleve. Lohengrin

 Zuydersea. Stavoren 

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