Philippine Folk Tales

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Philippine Folk Tales
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  1. Group I: Tinguian

    1. Aponibolinayen and the Sun

    2. Aponibolinayen

    3. Gawigawen of Adasen

    4. The Story of Gaygayoma Who Lives up Above

    5. The Story of Dumalawi

    6. The Story of Kanag

    7. The Story of Tikgi

    8. The Story of Sayen

    9. The Sun and the Moon

    10. How the Tinguian Learned to Plant

    11. Magsawi

    12. The Tree with the Agate Beads

    13. The Striped Blanket

    14. The Alan and the Hunters

    15. The Man and the Alan

    16. Sogsogot

    17. The Mistaken Gifts

    18. The Boy Who Became a Stone

    19. The Turtle and the Lizard

    20. The Man with the Cocoanuts

    21. The Carabao and the Shell

    22. The Alligator’s Fruit

    23. Dogedog

  2. Group II: Igorot

    1. The Creation

    2. The Flood Story

    3. Lumawig on Earth

    4. How the First Head Was Taken

    5. The Serpent Eagle

    6. The Tattooed Men

    7. Tilin, the Rice Bird

  3. Group III: The Wild Tribes of Mindanao

    1. Bukidnon

      1. How the Moon and Stars Came to Be

      2. The Flood Story

      3. Magbangal

      4. How Children Became Monkeys

      5. Bulanawan and Aguio

    2. Bagobo

      1. Origin

      2. Lumabet

    3. Bilaan

      1. The Story of the Creation

      2. In the Beginning

    4. Mandaya

      1. The Children of the Limokon

      2. The Sun and the Moon

    5. Subanun

      1. The Widow’s Son

  4. Group IV: Moro

    1. Mythology of Mindanao

    2. The Story of Bantugan

  5. Group V: The Christianized Tribes

    1. Ilocano

      1. The Monkey and the Turtle

      2. The Poor Fisherman and His Wife

      3. The Presidente Who Had Horns

      4. The Story of a Monkey

      5. The White Squash

    2. Tagalog

      1. The Creation Story

      2. The Story of Benito

      3. The Adventures of Juan

      4. Juan Gathers Guavas

    3. Visayan

      1. The Sun and the Moon

      2. The First Monkey

      3. The Virtue of the Cocoanut

      4. Mansumandig

      5. Why Dogs Wag Their Tails

      6. The Hawk and the Hen

      7. The Spider and the Fly

      8. The Battle of the Crabs

  6. Pronunciation of Philippine Names

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