A Course of Lectures on the Principles of Domestic Economy and Cookery

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This course of lectures is designed to meet the wants of two classes of persons:

            First—Those who are experienced housekeepers, familiar with the principles and practice of cookery, but who desire information concerning the preparation of the finer dishes of the modern school.

            Second—The young ladies in attendance at the University and others like them, who have had their time and attention so engrossed with studies and other duties that they have not had the opportunity to qualify themselves in this most important branch of a woman’s education.

            To meet the wants of the first class, the morning exercises will be devoted to the preparation of palatable and nutritious dishes, suitable for every day use in families of moderate means, and some of the finer dishes will be introduced.

            As the afternoons are the only times at which the young ladies of the University can be present, these sessions will be devoted to practical illustrations of the elementary principles of household management and cookery. As time permits, some of the salient points in the chemistry of food and the physiology of nutrition will be briefly discussed.

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