The Young Wireless Operator--As a Fire Patrol The Story of a Young Wireless Amateur Who Made Good as a Fire Patrol

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            Vacation Plans

            What Came of Them

            Off to the Mountains

            In the Burned Forest

            A Lost Opportunity

            Trout Fishing in the Wilderness

            The Forest Afire

            Making an Investigation

            Charley Becomes a Fire Patrol

            An Encounter with a Bear

            The Secret Camp in the Wilderness

            On the Trail of the Timber Thieves

            Spying Out the Land

            The Trail in the Forest

            The Telltale Thumb-Print

            Good News for the Fire Patrol

            An Accident in the Wilderness

            The First Clue to the Incendiary

            The Forester's Problem

            Charley Wins His First Promotion

            A Trouble Maker

            Charley Finds Another Clue

            A Startling Discovery


            The Crisis

            More Thumb-Prints



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