Listen In Book 2 (MS 384)

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Unit Starter. Listening for meaning

Unit 1. Can I ask you some questions?

Unit 2. He’s handsome and intelligent

Unit 3. That’s the bride’s mother

Unit 4. I’m pretty good at math

Unit 5. Where in the world is it?

Unit 6. It has a great view of the ocean

Unit 7. How about a genuine gold watch?

Unit 8. That’s an unusual job

Unit 9. Could you fax this for me?

Unit 10. We spent three days in New York

Unit 11. Let’s get take-out

Unit 12. What do you do to relax?

Unit 13. This is the news

Unit 14. I really admire her

Unit 15. Where does it hurt?

Unit 16. You’ll never believe this!

Unit 17. We want someone who’s reliable

Unit 18. Let’s go to the movies

Unit 19. Is be ready to quit?

Unit 20. Who did you see today?

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