The world's great sermons, Volume III

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MASSILLON (1663-1742).
 The Small Number of the Elect

            SAURIN (1677-1730).
 Paul Before Felix and Drusilla

            EDWARDS (1703-1758).
 Spiritual Light

            WESLEY (1703-1791).
 God's Love to Fallen Man

            WHITEFIELD (1714-1770).
 The Method of Grace

            BLAIR (1718-1800).
 The Hour and the Event of all Time

            DWIGHT (1752-1817).
 The Sovereignty of God

            ROBERT HALL (1764-1831).
 Marks of Love to God

            EVANS (1766-1838).
 The Fall and Recovery of Man

            SCHLEIERMACHER (1768-1834).
 Christ's Resurrection an Image of our New Life

            MASON (1770-1829).
 Messiah's Throne

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