French Art Classic and Contemporary Painting and Sculpture

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Classic Painting, Character and origin. Claude and Poussin. Lebrun and Lesueur. Louis Quinze. Greuze and Chardin. David, Ingres, and Prudhon.

            Romantic Painting, Romanticism. Géricault and Delacroix. The Fontainebleau Group. The Academic Painters. Couture, Puvis de Chavannes, and Regnault.

            Realistic Painting, Realism. Courbet and Bastien-Lepage. The Landscape Painters; Fromentin and Guillaumet. Historical and Portrait Painters. Baudry, Delaunay, Bonvin, Vollon, Gervex,
 Duez, Roll, L'Hermitte, Lerolle, Béraud,
 The Illustrators. Manet and Monet. Impressionism; Degas. The Outlook.

            Classic Sculpture, Claux Sluters. Jean Goujon. Style. Clodion, Pradier, and Etex. Houdon, David d'Angers, and Rude. Carpeaux and Barye.

            Academic Sculpture, Its Italianate Character. Chapu. Dubois. Saint-Marceaux and Mercié. Tyranny of Style. Falguière, Barrias, Delaplanche, and Le Feuvre. Frémiet. The Institute School in General.

            The New Movement in Sculpture, Rodin. Dalou.

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