A History of Art for Beginners and Students: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture

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 CHAPTER I.  Ancient Painting, from the Earliest Times to the
 Christian Era,  Egypt, Assyria,  Babylon,  Ancient Greece and Italy,  Mosaics,  Paintings on Stone,  Vase-painting

    CHAPTER II.  Mediæval Painting, from the Beginning of the
 Christian Era to the Renaissance,  The Early Period,  The Central, or Romanesque Period,  The Final, or Gothic Period

    CHAPTER III.  Painting in Italy, from the Beginning of the
 Renaissance to the Present Century

    CHAPTER IV.  Painting in Flanders, Holland, and Germany

    CHAPTER V.  Painting in Spain

    CHAPTER VI.  Painting in France

    CHAPTER VII.  Painting in England 


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