The History of Painting in Italy, Vol. 2

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 Page Epoch I. The old masters 1 Epoch II. Raffaello and his school. 48 Epoch III. The art declines, in consequence of the public calamities of Rome, and gradually falls into mannerism 124 Epoch IV. Restoration of the Roman school by Barocci and other artists, subjects of the Roman state and foreigners 177 Epoch V. The scholars of Pietro da Cortona, from an injudicious imitation of their master, deteriorate the art—Maratta and others support it 262 BOOK THE FOURTH.


 Epoch I. The old masters 345 Epoch II. Modern Neapolitan style, founded on the schools of Raffaello and Michelangiolo 368 Epoch III. Corenzio, Ribera, Caracciolo, flourish in Naples—Strangers who compete with them 389 Epoch IV. Luca Giordano, Solimene, and their scholars 426       

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