A Manual of Historic Ornament

A Manual of Historic Ornament

A Manual of Historic Ornament

Tác giả: Richard Glazier
Chủ đề: Nghệ thuật
Thể loại: Tham khảo - Nghiên Cứu
Định dạng: Daisy Text

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Năm xuất bản 2016
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THIS manual has been prepared with the three-fold object of giving an elementary knowledge of Architecture and Historic Ornament, of awakening a responsive and sympathetic feeling for the many beautiful and interesting remains of ancient and mediæval civilization, and lastly of directing the attention of students and craftsmen to the beauty, suggestiveness and vitality of the Industrial Arts of the past, and their intimate relation to the social and religious life of the people.

            The advantages to be derived by students and craftsmen from such a study are manifold, for, by a careful study of these arts, we may see the capabilities and limitations of material, the appropriateness and application of ornament, the continuity of line and form—yet with a marked diversity of enrichment and treatment—the interest and significance of detail, and the customs, myths and traditions of the past with their continuity of thought and expression.

            The illustrations, which have been chosen expressly for this work, are typical examples of each period or style and are produced in line as being the method best suited to the requirements of students, giving definition, emphasis and the constructive qualities of design rather than pictorial effect.

            In the appendix will be found a list of text books and works of reference, which may be studied with considerable advantage by students desiring further information upon this important subject.

            RICHARD GLAZIER.

            Manchester, 1899.