Franz Liszt : The Story of a Boy Who Became a Great Pianist and Teacher

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Read these facts about Franz Liszt and try to make a story about him, in your own language.

When your story is done, and you have improved it all you can, copy it in pages 14, 15, and 16 of this book.

1. Franz Liszt was born in Raiding, in Hungary.

2. His birthday is October 22, 1811.

3. His father was his first teacher.

4. He studied piano in Vienna with Carl Czerny.

5. Then he went to Paris.

6. Among Liszt's boyhood friends were Beethoven, Schubert and Chopin.

7. After many years as a concert pianist, Liszt became opera conductor at Weimar.

8. He brought out many of the operas of Richard Wagner.

9. He was a great teacher of piano, and many people from Europe and from the United States studied with him.

10. He composed many fine works.

11. Among them are arrangements of many of Schubert's songs.

12. Liszt died in Rome in 1886. He was seventy-five years old.

13. Liszt wrote the life of his friend Frederic Chopin.

14. It has been said that no musician ever lived who did so much for others as Franz Liszt.

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