Franz Schubert : The Story of the Boy Who Wrote Beautiful Songs

Franz Schubert : The Story of the Boy Who Wrote Beautiful Songs

Franz Schubert : The Story of the Boy Who Wrote Beautiful Songs

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When you have read this page and the next make a story about Schubert's life. Write it in your own words. When you are quite sure you cannot improve it, copy it on pages 14, 15, and 16.

1. Schubert was born in Vienna.

2. His birthday was January 31, 1797.

3. He died in Vienna in 1828.

4. When Schubert was born Beethoven was twenty-seven years old.

5. Schubert was a schoolmaster.

6. He had his first music lessons from his father, who was also a schoolmaster and who played the violin.

7. His brother taught him to play the piano, and he studied singing so as to join the Emperor's Choir.

8. Then he studied harmony with a famous man named Salieri.

9. When Franz was thirteen he composed two piano pieces, at fourteen he wrote two songs, and when he was sixteen he wrote a symphony.

10. When he was eighteen Franz wrote more than a hundred songs.

11. He composed The Erl-King when he was nineteen.

12. In all, Schubert wrote over six hundred songs, lots of piano pieces, nine symphonies, and many other compositions.

13. What other composer also wrote nine symphonies? Perhaps you may not know this; if not, ask your teacher.

14. Schubert made many good friends.

15. With them and his music he found all his happiness.

16. Once when he was very ill he read some books by an American author. Do you remember the author's name?

17. Do you remember the name of any one of the books?

18. One of Schubert's most beautiful symphonies was called The Unfinished, because he did not live to complete it.