Handel : The Story of a Little Boy who Practiced in an Attic

Handel : The Story of a Little Boy who Practiced in an Attic

Handel : The Story of a Little Boy who Practiced in an Attic

Tác giả: Thomas Tapper
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Read these facts about Handel, and from them make up the story of his life. Use your own words. After your teacher has read it, copy the story on pages 15 and 16 of this book.

1. He was born in Halle in Germany, February 23, 1685.

2. His full name was George Frederick Handel.

3. His father was a barber and surgeon, who intended his son to become a lawyer.

4. As a little boy he practiced the harpsichord in the garret.

5. Once he went with his father to the home of the Duke of Saxe-Weissenfels.

6. Here he played the organ and won the Duke's attention.

7. The Duke advised the father to let the boy study music.

8. His first teacher was Zachau, who taught him many things, including organ and harpsichord playing.

9. After a few years with Zachau he went to Berlin, and there met two famous men.

10. Then he returned to Halle, but after his father's death he went to Hamburg.

11. At Hamburg he and Johann Mattheson became good friends.

12. He lived in Italy for three years.

13. Returning to Germany he agreed to become Capellmeister to the Elector of Hanover.

14. But he failed to keep his promise to the Elector by overstaying his leave of absence in London.

15. The Elector became King of England. He was very angry at Handel for disobeying him.

16. Handel won his friendship again by writing the Water Music for a royal boat procession on the river Thames.

17. For many years Handel composed operas, but finally he won fame by writing oratorios.

18. He wrote the Messiah and many others well known to-day.

19. He became blind toward the end of his life.

20. He died on Good Friday, 1759.