A Treatise on Simple Counterpoint in Forty Lessons

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The purpose of this work is to supply the need in the Oberlin Conservatory of Music of a text-book on Simple Counterpoint containing a definite assignment of lessons, and affording more practice than usual in combining species.

It is a treatise on strict counterpoint, but strict in a limited sense only. In two-part counterpoint with other than the first species in both parts, dissonances are permitted under certain conditions, and in three- and four-part writing the unprepared seventh and ninth, and the six-four chord, are allowed in certain ways.

While the illustrations have been written in close score, it is nevertheless urged that all exercises be written out in open score, as the movement of the different parts is thus more clearly seen.

The use of the C-clefs is left optional with the teacher.

A knowledge of harmony is presupposed, hence nothing is said pertaining to it.

The author wishes to express his indebtedness to Professor A.E. Heacox for his help and advice.


Oberlin, Ohio, Jan. 6, 1907.

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