The Eve of the Revolution A Chronicle of the Breach with England Volume 11 In The Chronicles Of Americ

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  The Eve of the Revolution

 By Carl Becker

 A Chronicle of the Breach with England
     Volume 11 of the
 Chronicles of America Series
 Allen Johnson, Editor
 Assistant Editors
 Gerhard R. Lomer
 Charles W. Jefferys
     Abraham Lincoln Edition

     New Haven: Yale University Press
 Toronto: Glasgow, Brook & Co.
 London: Humphrey Milford
 Oxford University Press
      Copyright, 1918
 by Yale University Press



     In this brief sketch I have chiefly endeavored to convey to the reader, not a record of what men did, but a sense of how they thought and felt about what they did. To give the quality and texture of the state of mind and feeling of an individual or class, to create for the reader the illusion (not delusion, O able Critic!) of the intellectual atmosphere of past times, I have as a matter of course introduced many quotations; but I have also ventured to resort frequently to the literary device (this, I know, gives the whole thing away) of telling the story by means of a rather free paraphrase of what some imagined spectator or participant might have thought or said about the matter in hand. If the critic says that the product of such methods is not history, I am willing to call it by any name that is better; the point of greatest relevance being the truth and effectiveness of the illusion aimed at—the extent to which it reproduces the quality of the thought and feeling of those days, the extent to which it enables the reader to enter into such states of mind and feeling. The truth of such history (or whatever the critic wishes to call it) cannot of course be determined by a mere verification of references.
     To one of my colleagues, who has read the entire manuscript, I am under obligations for many suggestions and corrections in matters of detail; and I would gladly mention his name if it could be supposed that an historian of established reputation would wish to be associated, even in any slight way, with an enterprise of questionable orthodoxy.
     Carl Becker.

     Ithaca, New York,
 January 6, 1918.


     The Eve of the Revolution 

 Chapter Chapter Title Page Preface vii I. A Patriot of 1763 1 II. The Burden of Empire 12 III. The Rights of a Nation 50 IV. Defining the Issue 98 V. A Little Discreet Conduct 150 VI. Testing the issue 200 Bibliographical Note 257 Index 261     


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