Outlines of Greek and Roman Medicine

Outlines of Greek and Roman Medicine

Outlines of Greek and Roman Medicine

Tác giả: James Sands Elliott
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           CHAPTER I.
 Early Roman Medicine.
 Origin of Healing Temples Lectisternium Temple of Æsculapius Archagathus Domestic Medicine Greek Doctors Cloaca Maxima Aqueducts State of the early Empire

            CHAPTER II.
 Early Greek Medicine. Apollo Æsculapius Temples Serpents Gods of Health Melampus Homer Machaon Podalarius Temples of Æsculapius Methods of Treatment Gymnasia Classification of Renouard Pythagoras Democedes Greek Philosophers

            CHAPTER III.
 Hippocrates. His life and works His influence on Medicine

            CHAPTER IV.
 Plato, Aristotle, the School of Alexandria, and Empiricism. Plato Aristotle Alexandrian School Its Origin Its Influence Lithotomy Herophilus Erasistratus Cleombrotus Chrysippos Anatomy Empiricism Serapion of Alexandria

            CHAPTER V.
 Roman Medicine at the end of the Republic and the Beginning of the Empire. Asclepiades of Prusa Themison of Laodicea Methodism Wounds of Julius Cæsar Systems of Philosophy State of the country Roman quacks Slaves and Freedmen Lucius Horatillavus

            CHAPTER VI.
 In the Reign of the Cæsars to the Death of Nero.63 Augustus His illnesses Antonius Musa Mæcenas Tiberius Caligula Claudius Nero Seneca Astrology Archiater Women poisoners Oculists in Rome

            CHAPTER VII.
 Physicians from the Time of Augustus to the Death of Nero. Celsus His life and works His influence on Medicine Meges of Sidon Apollonius of Tyana Alleged miracles Vettius Valleus Scribonius Longus Andromachus Thessalus of Tralles Pliny

            CHAPTER VIII.
 The First and Second Centuries of the Christian Era. Athenæus Pneumatism Eclectics Agathinus Aretæus Archigenes Dioscorides Cassius Felix Pestilence in Rome Ancient surgical instruments Herodotus Heliodorus Cælius Aurelianus Soranus Rufus of Ephesus Marinus Quintus

            CHAPTER IX.
 Galen. His life and works His influence on Medicine

            CHAPTER X.
 The Later Roman and Byzantine Period. Beginning of Decline Neoplatonism Antyllus Oribasius Magnus Jacobus Psychristus Adamantius Meletius Nemesius Ætius Alexander of Tralles The Plague Moschion Paulus Ægineta Decline of Healing Art

            CHAPTER XI.
 Influence of Christianity on Altruism and the Healing Art. Essenes Cabalists and Gnostics Object of Christ's Mission Stoics Constantine and Justinian Gladiatorial Games Orphanages Support of the Poor Hospitals Their Foundation Christianity and Hospitals Fabiola Christian Philanthropy Demon Theories of Disease receive the Church's Sanction Monastic Medicine Miracles of Healing St. Paul St. Luke Proclus Practice of Anatomy denounced Christianity the prime factor in promoting Altruism

            CHAPTER XII.
 Gymnasia and Baths. Gymnastics Vitruvius Opinions of Ancient Physicians on Gymnastics The Athletes The Baths Description of Baths at Pompeii Thermæ Baths of Caracalla

            CHAPTER XIII.
 Sanitation. Water-supply Its extent The Aqueducts Distribution in city Drainage Disposal of the Dead Cremation and Burial Catacombs Public Health Regulations

 Fees in Ancient Times