Venereal Diseases in New Zealand (1922) Report of the Special Committee of the Board of Health appointed by the Hon. Minister of Health

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Part I.—Introductory and Historical.
 Section 1.—Origin and Scope of Inquiry: Witnesses; Sittings, Date and Place of; Appreciation of Services rendered
 Section 2.—Venereal Diseases and their Effects: Ignorance, Effect of; Sex Education for Young; Syphilis and Gonorrhœa, Origin and Description; Treatment after Exposure; Diagnosis, Methods of; Treatment, Importance of Early and Completed
 Section 3.—Accidental Infection: Sources of Infection; Metchnikoff's Investigation; Food-conveyance; Lavatories, Towels, Drinking-cups, &c.
 Section 4.—Previous Inquiries and Conferences: Contagious Diseases Act, England; Royal Commission, 1913, Evidence, View of Compulsory Notification, Divorce and Venereal Disease, Sex Education, Instruction, and Propaganda; Australasian Medical Congresses. Committee appointed; Auckland Congress, 1914, Report presented, Nature of Notification recommended; Melbourne Conference, 1922, Review of Legislation, Comments and Recommendations; England, Committee recently appointed to report on Venereal Diseases
 Section 5.—Legislation in New Zealand, Past and Present: Contagious Diseases Act, 1869 (A), Reference to; Cases Cited (B) which require New Legislation to deal with; Hospital and Charitable Institutions Act, 1913 (C); Detention Provisions; The Prisoners Detention Act, 1915 (D); Provisions for dealing with Venereal Diseases in Convicted Persons; Social Hygiene Act, 1917 (E); Provisions of the Act outlined; Subsidy for Maintenance in Hospitals
 Part II.—Prevalence of Venereal Disease in New Zealand.
 Section 1.—Medical Statistics (A): Medical Practitioners, Special Returns from, Cases reported, Gonorrhœa and Syphilis: Chancroid; Prevalence. Clinic Statistics (B): Department of Health Data; Clinic Distribution; Age Distribution; Marital Condition. Mental Hospital Statistics (C): Syphilis and Dementia Paralytica; Computations as to Prevalence of Syphilis based on Fournier's Estimate. Incidence among Maoris (D): Early Days, Miscarriages; Prevalence at Present, Origin. Death-certificates (E): Two Certificates, one for Relatives, other for Registrar; British Empire Statistical Conference, Resolutions passed; Committee's Conclusion
 Section 2.—Causes of the Prevalence of Venereal Diseases in New Zealand: Infected Individuals, neglect to undergo or continue Treatment; Chiropractors; Herbalists: Overseas Introduction; Promiscuous Sexual Intercourse; Professional Prostitution; Police Evidence; "Amateur" Prostitution; Social Distribution; Extra-marital Sexual Intercourse, Result of; Parental Control; Sex Education; Housing and Living Conditions; Hostels, Advantages of; Moral Imbeciles, Danger from; Delayed Marriages; Alcohol; Accidental Infections; Dances; Cinema; Returned Soldiers
 Part III.—Best Means of Combating and Preventing Venereal Diseases.
 Section 1.—Education and Moral Control: Chastity, Value of; Relationship between Sexes; Infected Persons, Responsibility; Church and Press influence; Parents duty to Children; Pamphlet for Parents; Sex Hygiene in Schools, Mode of Teaching; School Mothers, Value of, in Girls' School; Instruction in Sex Hygiene; Adolescents; Moral Standard, Value of
 Section 2.—Clinics for the Treatment of Venereal Disease: Distribution; Work performed; Male and Female Attendance; Locality of Clinics; Hours of Attendance; Lady Doctors; Supply of Apparatus and Drugs for certain Cases; Advertising Clinics; Extension of Clinics; Training at Clinics for Nurses, Students, &c.; Cases attending until non-infective; Male and Female; Lady Patrols; Social Hygiene Society, Work of; Laboratories and Free Treatment: Complement Fixation Test for Gonorrhœa
 Section 3.—Licensed Brothels: Observations on; Dangers of Infection from; Statistics; North European Conference's Resolution; Flexner's Views; American Opinion
 Section 4.—Exclusion of Venereal Cases from Overseas: Health Act, 1920, Provisions; Attendances at Clinics; Recommendations; Immigration Restriction Act and Syphilis
 Section 5.—Prophylaxis: Packet System; Early Treatment; Inter-departmental Committee on Infectious Diseases, Conclusions; Notices in Public Conveniences; Prophylaxis, Efficiency of
 Section 6.—Legislation required: Conditional Notification (A)—National Council of Women, View on; Number or Symbol Notification; Infectious Diseases Notification Bill, England (1889), Opposition to, Comparisons with Control of Infectious Diseases; Present System, Disadvantages of; West Australia Act; New Zealand Legislation suggested. Compulsory Examination and Treatment (B).—Department of Health, proposed Legislation, Contagious Diseases Act compared with; West Australia Legislation, Effect on Attendances at Clinics
 Section 7.—Marriage Certificate of Health: Royal Commission on Venereal Diseases; National Birth-rate Commission; Medical Certificate; Statement before Registrar, Communicable and Mental Disease; Recommendation; Medical Practitioners' duty
 Section 8.—Treatment of Unqualified Persons: Chemists, Herbalists, Chiropractors; Effect of such Treatment; Clinic Statistics relating to same; West Australian
 Section 9.—Mentally Defective Adolescents: Danger and Cost to the State; Supervision and Control proposed
 Part IV.—Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations.
 Section 1.—Conclusions
 Section 2.—Recommendations
 Section 3.—Concluding Remarks

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