Basic Grammar In Use (MS 362)

Basic Grammar In Use (MS 362)

Basic Grammar In Use (MS 362)

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To the Student

To the Teacher


1. Am/is/are

2. Am/is/are (Questions)

3. I am doing (Present Continuous)

4. Are you doing…? (Present Continuous Questions)

5. I do, I work, I like, etc. (Simple Present)

6. I don’t… (Simple Present Negative)

7. Do you…? (Simple Present Questions)

8. I am doing and I do (Present Continuous and Simple Present)

9. I have… and I’ve got…


10. Was/were

11. Worked, got, went, etc. (Simple Past)

12. I didn’t… Did you…? (Simple Past Negative and Questions)

13. I was doing (Past Continuous)

14. I was doing and I did (Past Continuous and Simple Past)

15. I used to…

Present Perfect

16. Have you ever…? (Present Perfect)

17. How long have you…?

18. For, since, and ago

19. I have done and I did (Present Perfect and Simple Past 1)

20. Just, already, and yet (Present Perfect and Simple Past 2)

21. I’ve lost my key. I lost my key last week. (Present Perfect and Simple Past 3)


22. Is done and was done (Passive 1)

23. Is being done and has been done (Passive 2)

Verb Forms

24. Be, have, and do in Present and Past Tenses

25. Regular and Irregular Verbs Future

26. What are you doing tomorrow?

27. I’m going to…

28. Will (1)

29. Will (2)

Modals, Imperatives, etc.

30. Might

31. Can and could

32. Must

33. Should

34. I have to…

35. Would you like…? I’d like…

36. I’d rather…

37. Do this!. Don’t do that!, Let’s do this!

There and it

38. There is/are

39. There was/were there has been / have been there will be

40. It…

Auxiliary Verbs

41. I am, I don’t, etc.

42. You have? / have you? you are? / are you?, etc.

43. Too/either and so am I / neither do I, etc.

44. Isn’t…, haven’t…, don’t…, etc. (Negatives)


45. Is it…?, Have you…?, Do they…?, etc.

46. Who saw you? who did you see?

47. Who is she talking to? what is it like?

48. What… Which…?, and How…?

49. How long does it take…?

50. Do you know where… I don’t know what…, etc.

Reported Speech

51. She said that… He told me that…

-ing and to…

52. Work/working, go/going, do/doing

53. To… (I want to do) and -ing (I enjoy doing)

54. I want you to… anti I told you to…

55. I went to the store to…

Go, get, do, make, and have

56. Go to… go on… go for… go -ing

57. Get

58. Do and make

59. Have

Pronouns and Possessives

60. I/me, he/him, they/them, ere.

61. My/his/their, etc.

62. Whose is this? It’s mine/yours/hers, etc.

63. I, me, my, and mine

64. Myself/yourself/themselves, etc.

65. -’s (Kate’s camera, my brother’s car, etc.)

A and the

66. A/an…

67. Flower(s) and bus(es) (Singular and Plural)

68. A car, some money (Countable and Uncountable 1)

69. A car, some money (Countable and Uncountable 2)

70. A/an and the.

71. The…

72. Go to work go home go to the movies

73. I like music. I hate exams.

74. The… (Names of Places)

Determiners and Pronouns

75. This/these and that/those

76. One/ones

77. Some and any

78. Not + any, no, and none

79. Not + anybody/anyone/anything and nobody / no one / nothing

80. Somebody, anything, nowhere, etc.

81. Every and all

82. AH. most, some, any, and no/none

83. Both, either, and neither

84. A lot, much, and many

85. A little / a few and little/few

Adjectives and Adverbs

86. Old, nice, interesting, etc. (Adjectives)

87. Quickly, badly, suddenly, etc. (Adverbs)

88. Old/older and expensive / more expensive

89. Older than… and more expensive than…

90. Not as… as…

91. The oldest and the most expensive

92. Enough

93. Too

Word Order

94. He speaks English very well. (Word Order 1)

95. Always/usually/often, etc. (Word Order 2)

96. Still, yet, and already

97. Give me that book! Give it to me!


98. At 8 o’clock, on Monday, in April, etc.

99. From… to, until, since, and for

100. Before, after, during, and while

101. In, at, and on (Places 1)

102. In, at, and on (Places 2)

103. To, in, and at (Places 3)

104. Next to, behind, under, etc.

105. Up, over, through, etc.

106. On, at, by, with, and about

107. Afraid of, good at, etc. (Adjective + Preposition)

At -ing, with -ing, etc. (Preposition + -ing)

108. Listen to, look at, etc. (Verb + Preposition)

Two-Word Verbs

109. Go in, fall off, run away, etc.

110. Put on your shoes and put your shoes on

Conjunctions and clauses

111. And, but, or, so, and because

112. When…

113. If we go…, if you see, etc.

114. If I had…, if we went…, etc.

115. A person who… and a thing that/which… (Relative Clauses 1)

116. The people we met and the hotel you stayed at (Relative clauses 2)

Appendix 1 Active and Passive

Appendix 2 List of Irregular Verbs

Appendix 3 Irregular Verbs in Groups

Appendix 4 Short Forms (he’s/I’d don't, etc.)

Appendix 5 Spelling

Appendix 6 Two-Word Verbs (look out / take off, etc.)

Appendix 7 Two-Word Verbs + Object (put out a fire / try on clothes, etc.)

Additional Exercises

Study Guide

Answer Key to Exercises

Answer Key to Additional Exercises

Answer Key to Study Guide