Cognitive Behavior Therapy Basics And Beyond (MS 371)

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Chapter 1. Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Chapter 2. Overview of Treatment

Chapter 3. Cognitive Conceptualization

Chapter 4. The Evaluation Session

Chapter 5. Structure of the First Therapy Session

Chapter 6. Behavioral Activation

Chapter 7. Session 2 and Beyond: Structure and Format

Chapter 8. Problems with structuring the Therapy Session

Chapter 9. Identifying Automatic Thoughts

Chapter 10. Identifying Emotions

Chapter 11. Evaluating Automatic Thoughts

Chapter 12. Responding to Automatic Thoughts

Chapter 13. Identifying and Modifying Intermediate Beliefs

Chapter 14. Identifying and Modifying Core Beliefs

Chapter 15. Additional Cognitive and Behavioral Techniques

Chapter 16. Imagery

Chapter 17. Homework

Chapter 18. Termination and Relapse Prevention

Chapter 19. Treatment Planning

Chapter 20. Problems in Therapy

Chapter 21. Progressing as a Cognitive Behavior Therapist

Appendix A. Cognitive Case Write-Up

Appendix B. Cognitive Behavior Therapy Resources

Appendix C. Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale References

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