Inside Reading 4 The Academic Word List In Context (MS 351)

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- Acknowledgments To the Teacher...

- References        

- Unit Tour  

Unit 1. The Strength to Survive

Content area: Physiology

Text 1: Animal Olympics

Text 2: Were Humans Born to Run?   

Reading strategy: Skimming and scanning; outlining . Vocabulary activities  

Unit 2. Your Attention, Please

Content area: Psychology

Text 1: “May I Have 30% of Your Attention, Please?”       

Text 2: You’re Getting Very Sleepy    

Reading strategy: Finding the main ideas; isolating causes and effects . . . Vocabulary activities                        

Unit 3. Movie Magic

Content area: Film Studies

Text 1: From Gimmicks to FX  

Text 2: A Big Gorilla Started It All      

Reading strategy: Annotating and highlighting; uses of the present tense. Vocabulary activities     

Unit 4. The Power of Music

Content area: Music

Text 1: Why Does Music Move Us?   

Text 2: Guitars: The Quest for Volume         

Reading strategy: Finding the perpetrator; point of view Vocabulary activities

Unit 5. Sensory Perception

Content area: Neuroscience

Text 1: Virtual Odors?    

Text 2: Pitch and Timbre

Reading strategy: Categorizing; interpreting charts, tables, and graphs Vocabulary activities     

Unit 6. Boom and Bust

Content area: Economics

Text 1: Economic Bubbles        

Text 2: Tulipomania                 

Reading strategy: Describing trends; summarizing. Vocabulary activities     

Unit 7. Decisions, Decisions

Content area: Sociology

Text 1: Blink

Text 2: The Wisdom of Crowds

Reading strategy: Evaluating generalizations; understanding analogies                  

Vocabulary activities      

Unit 8. Searching for Success

Content area: Business

Text 1: Google: A Brief History 

Text 2: Google Controversies   

Reading strategy: Analyzing criteria; determining degree 

Vocabulary activities                

Unit 9. Modeling Nature

Content area: Robotics

Text 1: The Swarm Bots Are Coming; Bye Swarm Bots, Hello Swarmanoids 

Text 2: Robots ‘R’ Us     

Reading strategy: Analyzing advantages and disadvantages; identifying ethics and values Vocabulary activities     

Unit 10. The Mystery of Easter Island

Content area: Anthropology

Text 1: Easter’s End                

Text 2: A Monumental CollapseỈ         

Reading strategy: Identifying multiple causes; synthesizing information                  

Vocabulary activities      

Index: The Academic Word List

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