Public Speaking (MS 353)

Public Speaking (MS 353)

Public Speaking (MS 353)

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Chapter 1. Whai Is a Speech?

What Is Communication?

Public Speaker

Who Is a Speaker?

What Is a Speech?

Chapter 2. Who Is Your Audience?

Audience Analysis

Slanting the Speech to the Audience

Chapter 3. Getting Started

The Basic speech Model

The Topic

The Purpose

The Body

Organizing Your Points

Developing Your Points

Chapter 4. Completing Your First Draft

The Introduction

Building an Introduction

The Transitions

The Conclusion

Sample Introduction and Conclusion

Chapter 5. Special Speeches

Demonstration Speeches

Speeches of Introduction

Acceptance Speeches

Presenting an Award  

Chapter 6. Creating Your Final Draft

Part One: Editing

Sentence Structure


Logical Fallacies

Part Two: Style

English Usage 59 Using Humor

Making Your Speech Memorable

Chapter 7. Using Visual Aids

Common types of Visual Aids

Creating Visual Aids

Methods of Presentation

Chapter 8. The Verbal Delivery

Vocal Characteristics

Common Vocal Problems

Effective Vocal Delivery

Verbal Delivery Exercises

Chapter 9. The Nonverbal Delivery

Body Communication

Distance Communication

Nonverbal Delivery Exercises

Chapter 10. Practice!

Part One: Note Cards 0

Sample Note Cards 1

Speaking with Note Cards

Part Two: Practice

Chapter 11. Taking the Fear Out of Fear

What Is Fear?

Confronting Fear

Taking the Fear Out of Fear

Common Stage Fright Symptoms

Chapter 12. Dress for Success

Appearance Communication for Women

Appearance Communication for Men

Chapter. 13 Things that Make a Big Difference!

Using Microphones

Using a Podium

The Speaking Setting

Answering Questions

Chapter 14. Common Problems

Equipment Problems

Presentation Problems


Chapter 15. On the Day of the Speech

Pre-Speech Actions

Preparing for the Speech

Appendix One: Sample Speeches

Appendix Two: A Close Look at Three Great Speeches

Appendix Three: One Hundred Great Speeches

Resource: For Further Information