Streamline English 2 - Connections (MS 359)

Streamline English 2 - Connections (MS 359)

Streamline English 2 - Connections (MS 359)

Tác giả: Chưa rõ
Chủ đề: Ngoại ngữ
Thể loại: Tham khảo - Nghiên Cứu
Định dạng: Daisy Text

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Coppy right

Unit 1. All aboard!

Unit 2. Telephoning

Unit 3. Fizz is fantastic!

Unit 4. Olympic report

Unit 5. I'll be there

Unit 6. Monday morning

Unit 7. Doctor sowanso

Unit 8. Sleep and dream

Unit 9. At the chemist's

Unit 10. Lord worth.

Unit 11. Look, feel, taste, sound, smell

Unit 12. A science fiction story

Unit 13. It's much too hot!

Unit 14. A phone call

Unit 15. Army careers office

Unit 16. A traffic survey

Unit 17. Australia house

Unit 18. Cheques and credit

Unit 19. A holiday in egypt

Unit 20. Comparisons

Unit 21. A day off work

Unit 22. Applying for a job

Unit 23. Four disasters

Unit 24. Travelling by air

Unit 25. I've cut myself!

Unit 26. Choosing a pet

Unit 27. Choosing a pet

Unit 28. Checking an alibi

Unit 29. Dinner with friends

Unit 30. The bad boy of british football

Unit 31. So am i!

Unit 32. A family problem

Unit 33. The yes/ no contest

Unit 34. I used to...

Unit 35. A busy office

Unit 36. The smuggler

Unit 37. I'm bored

Unit 38. Advice

Unit 39. An evening out

Unit 40. I've been waiting...

Unit 41. A court case

Unit 42. The empty chair

Unit 43. How long? How much?

Unit 44. Look!

Unit 45. Another letter from mary

Unit 46. Booking in advance

Unit 47. A new job

Unit 48. The weather forecast

Unit 49. A restaurant kitchen

Unit 50. Asking for directions

Unit 51. Air-sea rescue

Unit 52. Ufo

Unit 53. A mugging

Unit 54. A mugging

Unit 55. An important visitor

Unit 56. General hospital

Unit 57. At the races

Unit 58. On the road

Unit 59. A tips to paris

Unit 60. Emergency...999

Unit 61. Reader's letters

Unit 62. A ghost story

Unit 63. Buying a present

Unit 64. Made in england

Unit 65. A real bargain

Unit 66. The eight o'clock news

Unit 67. The saturday magazine

Unit 68. Elvis presley — story of a superstar

Unit 69. If i had enough money...

Unit 70. In a restaurant

Unit 71. North sea oil

Unit 72. What would you do?

Unit 73. Mad killer strikes again!

Unit 74. Four reports

Unit 75. Examination day

Unit 76. But you said...

Unit 77. Having thing done

Unit 78. Trouble at the supermarket

Unit 79. The appointment

Unit 80. The last letter iromparis