Breakfast Dainties

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 Apples, Baked,
 Blackberries, Raspberries, etc.,
 Figs and Dates,
 "After Dinner" Coffee,
 Boiling Water for Coffee,
 Cocoa and Chocolate,
 "Home-made" Bread and Rolls,
 Maize, or Indian Corn,
 Corn Bread,
 Corn Meal Custard,
 "Boston Brown Bread,"
 Maize Muffins,
 Graham Muffins,
 Breakfast Biscuit,
 Milk Bread,
 Rolled Wheat Biscuit,
 To Test the Oven,
 Dry Toast,
 Dip Toast,
 Milk Toast,
 Anchovy Toast,
 Clam Toast,
 Marrow Bone Toast,
 Oyster Toast,
 Salmon Toast,
 Tongue Toast,
 To Test Eggs,
 Baked Eggs,
 Cheese Omelet,
 Omelet with Herbs,
 Onion Omelet,
 Oyster Omelet,
 Omelette au Rhum,
 Spanish Omelet,
 Sweet Omelet,
 Potatoes in General,
 Boiled Potatoes,
 Lyonnaise Potatoes,
 Potatoes au Cochon,
 Potatoes au Gratin,
 Potatoes, Sautéed,

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