Children's Edition of Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer

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Always Tell the Truth

            The Child Heroine of New Brunswick

            Annie and Vanie's First Real Prayer

            God Heals a Blind Girl

            "Does This Railroad Lead to Heaven?"

            The Young Martyr

            A Child's Prayer Answered

            The Converted Infidel

            The Stowaway

            The Golden Rule Exemplified

            Only One Vote

            How A Little Girl Utilized the Telephone

            Jesus Answers Ruth's Prayers

            Very Sick

            The Dying Girl's Prayer for Her Drunken Father

            Lost Treasures

            The Little Girl, Who Died to Save Her Father's Life

            "Forgotten My Soul"

            Prevailing Prayer of a Child

            The Dying News Boy

            New Shoes

            Little Jennie's Sickness and Death

            She Died for Him

            "I Don't Love You Now, Mother"

            "Little Mother"

            Robbie Goodman's Prayer

            Carletta and the Merchant

            How Three Sunday School Children Met Their Fate

            He Blesses God for the Faith of His Little Girl

            A Wonderful Children's Meeting

            "They are Not Strangers, Mama"

            Jessie Finds Jesus

            "I'll Never, Steal Again—If Father Kills Me for It"

            Six Months' Record

            A Child's Faith

            Triumphant Death of a Little Child

            The Child's Prayer

            The Cat Came Back

            How God Answered Donald's Prayer

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