Life of Heber C. Kimball, an Apostle The Father and Founder of the British Mission

Life of Heber C. Kimball, an Apostle The Father and Founder of the British Mission

Life of Heber C. Kimball, an Apostle The Father and Founder of the British Mission

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            A Pre-existent Glimpse—God's Noble and Great Ones—Heber C. Kimball
  a Predestined Prophet—Opening of the Last Dispensation—Heber's
  Birth and Parentage—Early Incidents of His Life—Clouds and


             A Romantic Episode—Heber's Marriage with Vilate Murray—A Soldier and a Free Mason—His Stern Arraignment of the Ancient Order—Death of Heber's Father and Mother


            Heber's Poetic Nature—A Rough Diamond—Early Religious
  Experience—Joins the Baptist Church—"Signs in the Heavens
  Above"—Heber C. Kimball and Brigham Young—The Everlasting Gospel


            Heber Embraces Mormonism—A Baptism of Fire—Death of Miriam
  Young—Vilate Kimball a Mother to the Orphans—Heber Ordained an
  Elder—Resolves to Visit Kirtland


            The Land of Shinehah—Arrival of Heber and Brigham in
  Kirtland—Their First Meeting with the Prophet—The Kimballs and
  Youngs Remove to Ohio—Vexatious Suits and Mob Violence—Fallen on
  Perilous Times


            The Gathering of the Titans—Heber's Testimony of Joseph and the
  Twelve—Their Mighty Mission—The Test of Faith—Zion's Camp


            The Redemption of Zion—Enoch's City to Return—Object of The United
  Order—Cause of the Jackson County Expulsion—The Wheat from the


            The Zion's Camp Expedition—Joseph as a Prophet General—Finding of
  the Bones of Zelph, the Ancient—Rebellion in the Camp—Joseph
  Predicts a Scourge—Heber's Failure as a Launderer—Zion's Camp
  Saved by a Storm


             The Fishing River Revelation—Why Zion was not Redeemed—The Cholera in Camp—The Test of Faith Complete—The Shadow of a Coming Event


            Building the Temple—Joseph and Heber Working in the Quarry—The
  Theological School—A Lesson on Faith—Call of the Twelve—Heber C.
  Kimball Ordained an Apostle


            First Mission of the Twelve—Heber Revisits the Scenes of his
  Childhood—Mobbing an Abolitionist—"The Accuser of the
  Brethren"—Days of Repentance and Reformation


            Heber's Description of the Temple—Its Dedication—Angels
  Administer—The "Beloved Disciple" John Seen—The Solemn
  Assembly—The Elders Endowed with Power from on High—Heber's Lone


            The Worship of Mammon—The Temporal Above the Spiritual—The
  Kirtland Bank—Financial Disasters—Apostasy—Heber Sorrows Over the
  Degeneracy of the Times


            Zion's Ship Among the Breakers—"Something New Must be Done to Save
  the Church."—Heber C. Kimball Appointed to Open the British
  Mission—Spiritual Things to the Front—Righting the Ship—Heber's
  Prophecy to Willard Richards—"Yea, in the Name of the Lord, Thou
  Shalt Go With Me"—The Departure for England


            Farewell to Native Land—"Upon the Wide, Wide Sea"—Heber's Dream of
  Joseph—A Ship Out of Her Reckoning—A Dying Child Healed—Apostle
  Hyde Preaches on Board—Arrival at Liverpool—The Elders Leap Ashore


            Strangers in a Strange Land—The Elders Led by the Spirit to
  Preston—"Truth Will Prevail"—The Reverend James
  Fielding—Wonderful Fulfillment of Heber's Prophecies—A People
  Prepared for the Gospel—The Elders Preach in Preston


            Satan Alarmed—The Powers of Evil Conspire Against the
  Elders—Chapels and Churches Closed Against Them—The Reverend Mr.
  Fielding in his Real Colors—The Work Continues to Spread—An Army
  of Demons Attack the Elders—The Dawn and Victory


            The Reverend Mr. Fielding Forbids the Elders to Baptize their
  Converts—Apostle Kimball's Answer: "They are of Age and Can Act for
  Themselves"—Premier Gladstone and Secretary Evarts—Free Agency and
  Unrighteous Dominion—Heber C. Kimball Baptizes in the River
  Ribble—A Miracle


            The Elders Separate for the Better Prosecution of Their
  Work—Jennetta Richards—The Preston Branch Organized—Heber Goes to
  Walkerfold—Another Minister's "Craft in Danger"—More of Heber's
  Prophecies—"Willard, I Baptized Your Wife To-day."


            The Mission of Elias—The Symbolism of the Universe—The Past
  Preparatory to the Present and Future—The Way Prepared for the
  Fullness of the Gospel—The "Lesser Lights" of England—Fielding,
  Matthews and Aitken—The Stars Paling Before the Sun


            The Temperance Reform in Preston—A Work Preparatory to the
  Gospel—Preaching in the "Cock Pit"—Heber Writes Home an Account of
  His Mission—The Work in Cumberland—Episode of Mary Smithies—"She
  Shall Live to Become a Mother in Israel."


            Heber Writes to Willard in Bedford—The Elders Become Licensed
  Preachers—The "Milk" and "Meat of the Word"—Rapid Spread of the
  Work—Miracles—Heber's Dream of the Bull and Field of Grain—A
  Disappointed Mob


            The Voice of the Good Shepherd—Heber Converts Whole Villages—The
  Spirit of the Master Upon His Servant—The Christmas Conference in


             The Work of God not Dependent upon Man—Humility a Source of Power—Every Man Chosen and Fitted for his Sphere—Example of Paul the Apostle—Heber "Hits the Rock" in Longton—The Apostles Visit the Branches Prior to Returning to America


            Condition of the Church at Home—Pruning off the Dead Branches—A
  Day of Choosing—Apostates Conspire to Overthrow the Church—Flight
  of the Prophet from Kirtland—Fall of Oliver Cowdery and other
  Apostles—"Show Unto us Thy Will, O Lord, concerning the Twelve!"


            Heber's Farewell to Chatburn—An Affecting Scene—His Sympathy for
  the Poor of England—The April Conference in Preston—Two Thousand
  Saints Assemble—Joseph Fielding Appointed to Preside over the
  British Mission


             Departure for Liverpool—Heber's Letter to the Saints in Chatburn and Downham—His Prediction concerning Thomas Webster—Its Strict Fulfillment


            The Elders Sail for Home—A Storm at Sea—How Heber Found Favor with
  the Steward—Arrival at New York—The "Garrick" again
  Victorious—Journey to Kirtland—On to Far West—Happy Meeting with
  Joseph and the Brethren


            The Land where Adam Dwelt—The Saints Impelled Toward their
  Destiny—Persecution Revives—Adam-ondi-Ahman—The Altar of the
  Ancient of Days


            Times that Tried Men's Souls—The Mob Gathering Against Far
  West—Battle of Crooked River—Death of David W. Patten Days of
  Darkness and Disaster


            The Fall of Far West—Joseph and his Brethren Betrayed to the
  Enemy—Heber Facing the Traitors—His Fearless Denunciation and Firm
  Testimony—Atrocities of the Mob—Heber's Prophecy of
  Retribution—He Visits the Prophet in Richmond Jail


            Memorial to the Missouri Legislature—A Chapter of Infamy—How
  Missouri Redressed the Wrongs of the Suffering Saints—Brigham and
  Heber Setting in Order the Church—Arranging for the Exodus


            The First Presidency Instruct the Apostles—Brigham Young Chosen
  President of the Twelve—The Exodus Begun—Heber Tarries in Missouri
  to Minister to his Imprisoned Brethren—His Faithful but Fruitless
  Efforts for their Release—The Lord Speaks to Heber


            A Word for the Fallen—Only God Knoweth the Wherefore and Why—Orson
  Hyde's Repentance and Return to the Church—Heber C. Kimball and
  Hyrum Smith his Champions—Isaac Russell's Apostasy—Heber Writes to
  the Church in England


            The Brethren in Liberty Jail—Judge King's Coup D'Etat—The Mob
  Again Threaten Far West—Fiends in Human Form—The Prophet Regains
  His Freedom—The Apostles Fulfill Revelation—First Conference of
  the Church in Illinois


            Nauvoo the Beautiful—Heber's Prediction Over the Fated City—Elder
  Rigdon's Alarm—Heber's Second Encounter with Evil Spirits—Parley
  P. Pratt Escapes from Prison, Fulfilling Heber's Prophecy


            An Epidemic of Disease—Joseph Heals the Multitude—Brigham and
  Heber Start on their Mission to England—Sickness by the Way—Heber
  Poisoned—His Life Saved by Brigham


            On to Kirtland—Miraculously Supplied with Money—Condition of
  Affairs at the Old Church Headquarters


            The Apostles Sail for England—Growth of the British Mission During
  Heber's Absence—Labors of Elders Woodruff and Taylor—First Council
  of the Twelve Among the Nations—Willard Richards Ordained an


            Heber Visits the Branches Raised up During His Former Mission—His
  Report of their Condition and Standing—First General Conference at


            Founding the London Conference—Apostles Kimball, Woodruff and Smith
  Chosen for the Work—Seeking for a Man with the Spirit of God—The
  First Convert—The Elders Hold Open-air Meetings in Tabernacle


            Father Corner Baptized—The Apostles Visit the Reverend Robert
  Aitken—Heber Attacked with Cholera—The Work in other Parts—Second
  Conference at Manchester—Brigham Accompanies Heber to
  London—Conversion of the Rev. James Albion


            Opening of the Year 1841 in London—Encouraging Success of the
  Elders—Heber C. Kimball Blesses the Queen of England—The Woolwich
  Branch Organized—Organization of the London Conference—The
  Prospect of War Between Great Britain and the United States Hastens
  the Return of the Apostles to America


             Heber Organizes the Birmingham Conference—Meeting of the Apostles in Manchester Prior to Returning to America—Orson Hyde Present on his way to Palestine—The Extensive Work of One Year


             The Apostles Sail for Home—Arrival at New York—Heber's Letter to the "Millennial Star"—Happy Meeting With the Prophet and the Saints at Nauvoo—Labors Spiritual aid Temporal—Heber's Phrenological Chart


            Revelation of Celestial Marriage—Secrecy the Price of Safety—
  Joseph Tests Heber and Makes him his Confidant—How Vilate Kimball
  was Converted—Heber and Vilate give their Daughter Helen to the
  Prophet in Celestial Marriage


            John C. Bennett's Apostasy—Heber and the Twelve sent out to Refute
  his Slanders—Heber's Famous Sermon: "The Clay in the Hands of the
  Potter"—Inception of the Relief Society—Vilate's Vow and Heber's


             Heber's Last Mission to the Gentiles—Joseph Smith a Candidate for the Presidency of the United States—The Apostles his Electioneerers—The Martyrdom—Return of the Twelve to Nauvoo


            Choice of Joseph's Successor—A Miracle—The Mantle of Joseph Falls
  Upon Brigham Young—Heber C. Kimball his Right Hand Man


             The Work Moves on in Spite of Persecution and Apostasy—The Nauvoo Temple Finished and Dedicated—The Saints Prepare for their Removal to the Rocky Mountains


            The Exodus—Heber's Prophecy Fulfilled—Evacuation of Nauvoo—The
  Camp of Israel on Sugar Creek—Brigham and Heber Lead the Church
  Westward—Arrival at the Missouri River


            Destination of the Saints—The Call for the Mormon Battalion Heroic
  Response of the Exiles—Brigham, Heber and Willard as Recruiting
  Sergeants—Departure of the Battalion—The Camp of Israel Goes into
  Winter Quarters—The Fall of Nauvoo


            The Word and Will of the Lord Concerning the Camp of Israel—The
  Pioneers Start for the Rocky Mountains—Names of the
  Heroes—Incidents of the Journey West


            Arrival at Grand Island—The Pioneer Buffalo Hunt—Heber Kills his
  First Bison—The Spirit of Levity Rebuked—The Pioneers Reach Fort


            The Pioneers Cross the Platte—Governor Boggs and the
  Missourians—Col. Bridger—"A Thousand Dollars for a Bushel of
  Wheat"—The Pioneers' First Glimpse of the Valley of the Great Salt


             The Pioneers Enter the Valley—Exploring and Colonizing—A Renewal of Covenants—Selection of Inheritances—Return of the Leaders to Winter Quarters


            The First Presidency Reorganized—Heber Attains to "The Honor of the
  Three"—Second Journey to the Mountains—Sickness and
  Distress—Heber's Character as a Colonizer


             The Cricket Plague—Saved by the Gulls—Heber's Famous Prophecy—"States Goods" Sold in Great Salt Lake City Cheaper than in New York


            Heber C. Kimball Chief Justice and Lieutenant-Governor of
  Deseret—In the Legislature—Laying the Corner Stones of the Salt
  Lake Temple—Heber's Consecration Prayer—His Prophecy in Relation
  to the Temple—He Predicts Another Famine


            The Famine of '56—Heber a Second Joseph—A Savior to his
  People—Vilate a Ministering Angel—A Strange Piece of
  Counsel—President Kimball's Letters Descriptive of the Famine to
  His Son William, in England


            The Hand-cart Emigration—Perishing in the Snow—Heroic Conduct of
  William II. and David P. Kimball—President Kimball's Plea and
  Exertions in Behalf of the Sufferers—The Utah War—The Great


            Some of Heber's Family History—A Patriarchal Household—Names of
  his Wives and Children—Episode of Abram A. Kimball—Peter, the
  Child of Promise—Heber at Family Prayers—David H. Kimball's
  Story—Heber P. and Solomon F. Kimball in the Black Hawk War


            Anecdotes and Reminiscences of Heber C. Kimball—The Man as Others
  Knew him—Golden Grains from the Sands of Memory


             Gems from the Words of Heber—Spirit Rappings—Address at the Funeral of Mary Fielding Smith—Love, Unity and the Courage of the Righteous—Joseph and the Keys of the Kingdom—Cultivation of Spirits—Heaven and Hell—Administration of Angels and the Spirits of the Ancients—The Resurrection—The Spirit World—The Clay and the Potter—A Cause of Apostasy—A Miraculous Cane—The Church in Heaven


            Gems from Heber's Words Continued—His Striking View of Time and
  Eternity—His Words and Works at the Last Conference Preceding his
  Death—His Last Sermon


            Death of Vilate, the Wife of Heber's Youth—President Brigham Young
  Preaches her Funeral Sermon—His Feeling Tribute to her
  Memory—Heber Prophesies of his Own Death


             Death of Apostle Kimball—All Israel Mourns—Expressions in Honor of the Illustrious Dead


            Obsequies of President Kimball—Tributes and Testimonies of his
  Brother Apostles—"He was a man of as Much Integrity as Any Man who
  Ever Lived"—Earth Returns to Earth and the Spirit Unto God Who Gave


            A Glimpse of the Great Beyond—Thrilling Experience of David Patten
  Kimball—Lost in the Desert—Communing with the Spirits of the
  Departed—David Predicts his own Death and the Death of Four
  Others—The Fulfillment