Mary at the Farm and Book of Recipes Compiled during Her Visit among the "Pennsylvania Germans"

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 CHAPTER I. Mary's Letter Received at Clear Spring Farm
 CHAPTER II. Mary's Arrival at the Farm
 CHAPTER III. Schuggenhaus Township
 CHAPTER IV. John Landis
 CHAPTER V. The Old Farm-House and Garden
 CHAPTER VI. Mary Confides in "Aunt Sarah" and Gives Her Views on Suffrage for Women
 CHAPTER VII Professor Schmidt
 CHAPTER VIII. Uses of An Old-Fashioned Wardrobe
 CHAPTER IX. Poetry and Pie
 CHAPTER X. Sibylla Linsabigler
 CHAPTER XI. New Colonial Rag Rugs
 CHAPTER XII. Mary Imitates Navajo Blankets
 CHAPTER XIII. "The Girls' Camp Fire" Organized by Mary
 CHAPTER XIV. Mary Makes "Violet and Rose Leaf" Beads
 CHAPTER XV. Mary and Elizabeth Visit Sadie Singmaster
 CHAPTER XVI. The Old Parlor Made Beautiful (Modernized)
 CHAPTER XVII. An Old Song Evening
 CHAPTER XVIII. A Visit to the "Pennsylvania Palisades"
 CHAPTER XIX. Mary Is Taught to Make Pastry, Patties and Rosenkuchcen
 CHAPTER XX. Old Potteries and Decorated Dishes
 CHAPTER XXI. The Value of Wholesome, Nutritious Food
 CHAPTER XXII. A Variety of Cakes Evolved From One Recipe
 CHAPTER XXIII. The Old "Taufschien"
 CHAPTER XXIV. The Old Store on the Ridge Road
 CHAPTER XXV. An Elbadritchel Hunt
 CHAPTER XXVI. The Old Shanghai Rooster
 CHAPTER XXVII. A "Potato Pretzel"
 CHAPTER XXVIII. Faithful Service
 CHAPTER XXIX. Mary, Ralph, Jake and Sibylla Visit the Allentown
 CHAPTER XXX. Fritz Schmidt Explores Durham Cave
 CHAPTER XXXI. Mary's Marriage

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