Miscellaneous Writings, 1883-1896

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            Chapter I. Introductory.


            A Timely Issue.

            Love Your Enemies.

            Christian Theism.

            The New Birth.

            Chapter II. One Cause And Effect.

            Chapter III. Questions And Answers.

            Chapter IV. Addresses.

            Christian Science In Tremont Temple.

            Science And The Senses.

            Extract From My First Address In The Mother Church, May 26, 1895

            Address Before The Alumni Of The Massachusetts Metaphysical College, 1895

            Address Before The Christian Scientist Association Of The Massachusetts Metaphysical College, In 1893

            Communion Address, January, 1896

            Message To The Annual Meeting Of The Mother Church, Boston, 1896

            Chapter V. Letters.

            To The Mother Church.

            To ——, On Prayer.

            To The National Christian Scientist Association.

            To The College Association.

            To The National Christian Scientist Association.

            To The First Church Of Christ, Scientist, Boston.

            To Donors Of Boat, From Toronto, Canada.

            Address,—Laying The Corner-Stone.

            To The First Church Of Christ, Scientist, Boston

            The First Members Of The First Church Of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts

            Extract From A Letter

            To The Mother Church

            To First Church Of Christ, Scientist, In Oconto

            To First Church Of Christ, Scientist, In Scranton

            To First Church Of Christ, Scientist, In Denver

            To First Church Of Christ, Scientist, In Lawrence

            To Correspondents

            To Students

            To A Student

            To A Student

            Extract From A Christmas Letter

            Chapter VI. Sermons.

            A Christmas Sermon

            Editor's Extracts From Sermon

            Extract From A Sermon Delivered In Boston, January 18, 1885

            Sunday Services on July Fourth

            Easter Services

            Bible Lessons

            Chapter VII. Pond And Purpose.

            Chapter VIII. Precept Upon Precept

            “Thy Will Be Done”

            “Put Up Thy Sword”

            Scientific Theism

            Mental Practice

            Taking Offense

            Hints To The Clergy

            Perfidy And Slander


            Improve Your Time

            Thanksgiving Dinner

            Christian Science



            Mrs. Eddy Sick

            “I've Got Cold”

            “Prayer And Healing”

            Veritas Odium Parit



            Address On The Fourth Of July At Pleasant View, Concord, N. H., Before 2,500 Members Of The Mother Church, 1897

            Well Doinge Is The Fruite Of Doinge Well

            Little Gods

            Advantage Of Mind-Healing

            A Card

            Spirit And Law


            Heart To Heart

            Things To Be Thought Of

            Unchristian Rumor



            Close Of The Massachusetts Metaphysical College

            Malicious Reports

            Loyal Christian Scientists

            The March Primary Class

            Obtrusive Mental Healing


            Judge Not

            New Commandment

            A Cruce Salus

            Comparison to English Barmaids

            A Christian Science Statute

            Advice To Students



            Deification Of Personality

            A Card

            Overflowing Thoughts

            A Great Man And His Saying

            Words Of Commendation

            Church And School

            Class, Pulpit, Students' Students

            My Students And Thy Students

            Unseen Sin

            A Word To The Wise



            Message To The Mother Church

            Chapter IX. The Fruit Of Spirit

            An Allegory

            Voices Of Spring

            “Where Art Thou?”

            Divine Science


            True Philosophy And Communion

            Origin Of Evil

            Truth Versus Error

            Fallibility Of Human Concepts

            The Way

            Science And Philosophy

            “Take Heed!”

            The Cry Of Christmas-Tide

            Blind Leaders

            “Christ And Christmas”

            Sunrise At Pleasant View

            Chapter X. Inklings Historic

            Chapter XI. Poems

            Come Thou

            Meeting Of My Departed Mother And Husband


            Woman's Rights

            The Mother's Evening Prayer


            Wish And Item

            The Oak On The Mountain's Summit

            Isle Of Wight



            To Mr. James T. White


            Christ My Refuge

            “Feed My Sheep”

            Communion Hymn

            Laus Deo!

            A Verse

            Chapter XII. Testimonials


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