The National Preacher, Vol. 2. No. 6., Nov. 1827 Or Original Monthly Sermons from Living Ministers

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            I. Each Monthly Number to contain one long Sermon, or two of moderate length, on superfine paper. The Volume to commence annually the last week in June.

            II. Price, One Dollar annually, in advance, or on becoming a Subscriber, or One Dollar and Fifty cents, if payment is delayed after the receipt of the sixth Number.

            III. Five or more persons forwarding their annual payments at one time, on becoming Subscribers, or immediately after the receipt of the first Numbers of the Volume, may receive the work for the year at eighty cents each. Or twelve or more so doing, may receive it at seventy-five cents each: (viz. 6¼ cents a Number.)

            IV. An Index and Title-page, referring to all the Numbers, will accompany the twelfth.

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