On Singing and Music

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            At a Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Philadelphia from the 20th of the Fourth Month to the 24th of the same, inclusive, 1885.

            An Essay on Singing and Music contained in the Minutes of the Meeting for Sufferings was now read, setting forth the spiritual nature of true worship, the danger of depending on outward forms in religious meetings, and the disadvantages connected with the practice of singing and music as an amusement. Much unity was expressed with the essay, and it was concluded that it should be published and distributed for information and warning to our own members and others. Desires were felt that in thus issuing a renewed testimony to the principles of our Society, we may be individually aroused to the necessity of so living in communion with the Father of Spirits, and in subjection to the revelations of his Light in our hearts, that our meetings may truly be held under the overshadowing of the Divine Power.

            Taken from the Minutes.

            Joseph Walton, Clerk

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