Ontology or the Theory of Being

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            General Introduction.

            Chapter I. Being And Its Primary Determinations.

            Chapter II. Becoming And Its Implications.

            Chapter III. Existence And Essence.

            Chapter IV. Reality As One And Manifold.

            Chapter V. Reality And The True.

            Chapter VI. Reality And The Good.

            Chapter VII. Reality And The Beautiful.

            Chapter VIII. The Categories Of Being. Substance And Accident.

            Chapter IX. Nature And Person.

            Chapter X. Some Accident-Modes Of Being: Quality.

            Chapter XI. Quantity, Space And Time.

            Chapter XII. Relation; The Relative And The Absolute.

            Chapter XIII. Causality; Classification Of Causes.

            Chapter XIV. Efficient Causality; Phenomenism And Occasionalism.

            Chapter XV. Final Causes; Universal Order.



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