Searchlights on Health The Science of Eugenics

Searchlights on Health The Science of Eugenics

Searchlights on Health The Science of Eugenics

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Năm xuất bản 2004
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Knowledge is Safety, page 3

            The Beginning of Life, page5

            Health a Duty, page 7

            Value of Reputation, page 9

            Influence of Associates, page 11

            Self-Control, page 12

            Habit, page 17

            A Good Name, page 18

            The Mother's Influence, page 21

            Home Power, page 23

            To Young Women, page 26

            Influence of Female Character, page 30

            Personal Purity, page 31

            How To Write All Kinds of Letters, page 34

            How To Write a Love Letter, page 37

            Forms of Social Letters, page 39

            Letter Writing, page 43

            Forms of Love Letters, page 44

            Hints and Helps on Good Behavior at All Times and at All Places, page 49

            A Complete Etiquette in a Few Practical Rules, page 52

            Etiquette of Calls, page 56

            Etiquette in Your Speech, page 57

            Etiquette of Dress and Habits, page 58

            Etiquette on the Street, page 59

            Etiquette Between Sexes 60

            Practical Rules on Table Manners, page 63

            Social Duties, page 65

            Politeness, page 70

            Influence of Good Character, page 73

            Family Government 76

            Conversation, page 79

            The Toilet or The Care of the Person, page 84

            A Young Man's Personal Appearance, page 86

            Dress, page 88

            Beauty, page 91

            Sensible Helps to Beauty, page 95

            How to Keep the Bloom and Grace of Youth, page 97

            Form and Deformity, page 98

            How to Determine a Perfect Human Figure, page 99

            The History, Mystery, Benefits and Injuries of the Corset, page 101

            Tight-Lacing, page 104

            The Care of the Hair, page 107

            How to Cure Pimples or Other Facial Eruptions, page 111

            Black-Heads and Flesh Worms, page 112

            Love, page 114

            The Power and Peculiarities of Love, page 118

            Amativeness or Connubial Love, page 122

            Love and Common Sense, page 123

            What Women Love in Men, page 126

            What Men Love in Women, page 129

            History of Marriage, page 132

            Marriage, page 134

            The Advantages of Wedlock, page 135

            The Disadvantages of Celibacy, page 138

            Old Maids, page 140

            When and Whom to Marry, page 144

            Choose Intellectually—Love Afterward, page 148

            Love-Spats, page 154

            A Broken Heart, page 159

            Former Customs and Peculiarities Among Men, page 162

            Sensible Hints in Choosing a Partner, page 165

            Safe Hints, page 170

            Marriage Securities, page 174

            Women Who Make the Best Wives, page 178

            Adaptation, Conjugal Affection, and Fatal Errors, page 181

            First Love, Desertion and Divorce, page 185

            Flirting and Its Dangers, page 190

            A Word to Maidens, page 192

            Popping the Question, page 194

            The Wedding, page 200

            Advice to Newly Married Couples, page 201

            Sexual Proprieties and Improprieties, page 206

            How to Perpetuate the Honey-Moon, page 209

            How to Be a Good Wife, page 210

            How to Be a Good Husband, page 211

            Cause of Family Troubles, page 217

            Jealousy—Its Cause and Cure, page 219

            The Improvement of Offspring, page 222

            Too Many Children, page 229

            Small Families and the Improvement of the Race, page 232

            The Generative Organs, page 234

            The Female Sexual Organs, page 235

            The Mysteries of the Formation of Life, page 238

            Conception—Its Limitations, page 240

            Prenatal Influences, page 244

            Vaginal Cleanliness, page 246

            Impotence and Sterility, page 248

            Producing Boys or Girls at Will, page 252

            Abortion or Miscarriage, page 253

            The Murder of Innocents, page 256

            The Unwelcome Child, page 258

            Health and Disease, page 263

            Preparation for Maternity, page 266

            Impregnation, page 269

            Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy, page 270

            Diseases of Pregnancy, page 274

            Morning Sickness, page 282

            Relation of Husband and Wife During Pregnancy, page 283

            A Private Word to the Expectant Mother, page 284

            Shall Pregnant Women Work?, page 285

            Words for Young Mothers, page 286

            How to Have Beautiful Children, page 288

            Education of the Child in the Womb, page 292

            How to Calculate the Time of Expected Labor, page 295

            The Signs and Symptoms of Labor, page 297

            Special Safeguards in Confinement, page 299

            Where Did the Baby Come From?, page 303

            Child Bearing Without Pain, page 304

            Solemn Lessons for Parents, page 312

            Ten Health Rules for Babies Cut Death Rate in Two, page 314

            The Care of New-Born Infants, page 315

            Nursing, page 317

            Infantile Convulsions, page 319

            Feeding Infants, page 319

            Pains and Ills in Nursing, page 321

            Home Lessons in Nursing Sick Children, page 325

            A Table for Feeding a Baby on Modified Milk, page 329

            Nursing [Intervals Table], page 329

            Schedule for Feeding Healthy Infants During First Year [Table], page 329

            How to Keep a Baby Well, page 330

            How to Preserve the Health and Life of Your Infant During Hot Weather, page 332

            Infant Teething, page 336

            Home Treatments for the Diseases of Infants and Children, page 338

            Diseases of Women, page 348

            Falling of the Womb, page 350

            Menstruation, page 351

            Celebrated Prescriptions for All Diseases and How to Use Them, page 354

            How to Cure Apoplexy, Bad Breath and Quinsy, page 365

            Sensible Rules for the Nurse, page 366

            Longevity, page 367

            How to Apply and Use Hot Water in All Diseases, page 368

            Practical Rules for Bathing, page 371

            All the Different Kinds of Baths and How to Prepare Them, page 372

            Digestibility of Food, page 374

            How to Cook for the Sick, page 375

            Save the Girls, page 380

            Save the Boys, page 390

            The Inhumanities of Parents, page 396

            Chastity and Purity of Chracter, page 400

            Exciting the Passions in Children, page 404

            Puberty, Virility, and Hygenic Laws, page 406

            Our Secret Sins, page 409

            Physical and Moral Degeneracy, page 414

            Immorality, Disease, and Death, page 416

            Poisonous Literature and Bad Pictures, page 421

            Startling Sins, page 423

            The Prostitution of Men, page 427

            The Road to Shame, page 430

            The Curse of Manhood, page 433

            A Private Talk to Young Men, page 437

            Remedies for the Social Evil, page 440

            The Selfish Slaves of Doses of Disease and Death, page 441

            Object Lessons of the Effects of Alcohol and Smoking, page 445

            The Destructive Effects of Cigarette Smoking, page 449

            The Dangerous Vices, page 451

            Nocturnal Emissions, page 457

            Lost Manhood Restored, page 459

            Manhood Wrecked and Rescued, page 461

            The Curse and Consequence of Secret Diseases, page 464

            Animal Magnetism, page 470

            How to Read Character, page 473

            Twilight Sleep, page 479

            Painless Childbirth, page 479

            The Diseases of Women, page 480

            Remedies for Diseases of Women, page 483

            Alphabetical Index, page 486

            Hyperlinked Index

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