The Cell of Self-Knowledge Seven Early English Mystical Treaties

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 I. A very Devout Treatise, named Benjamin, of the Mights and Virtues of Man's Soul, and of the Way to True Contemplation, compiled by a Noble and Famous Doctor, a man of great holiness and devotion, named Richard of Saint Victor

 The Prologue

 Cap. I. How the Virtue of Dread riseth in the Affection

 Cap. II. How Sorrow riseth in the Affection

 Cap. III. How Hope riseth in the Affection

 Cap. IV. How Love riseth in the Affection

 Cap. V. How the Double Sight of Pain and Joy riseth in the Imagination

 Cap. VI. How the Virtues of Abstinence and Patience rise in the Sensuality

 Cap. VII. How Joy of Inward Sweetness riseth in the Affection

 Cap. VIII. How Perfect Hatred of Sin riseth in the Affection

 Cap. IX. How Ordained Shame riseth and groweth in the Affection

 Cap. X. How Discretion and Contemplation rise in the Reason           

 II. Divers Doctrines Devout and Fruitful, taken out of the Life of that Glorious Virgin and Spouse of Our Lord, Saint Katherin of Seenes

 III. A Short Treatise of Contemplation taught by Our Lord Jesu Christ, or taken out of the Book of Margery Kempe, Ancress of Lynn

 IV. A Devout Treatise compiled by Master Walter Hylton of the Song of Angels

 V. A Devout Treatise called the Epistle of Prayer

 VI. A very necessary Epistle of Discretion in Stirrings of the Soul

 VII. A Devout Treatise of Discerning of Spirits, very necessary for Ghostly Livers

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