Curiosities of Superstition, and Sketches of Some Unrevealed Religions

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I.Buddhism, its Origin and Ceremonies

II.Magianism: the Parsees

III.Jewish Superstitions


V.Hindu Mythology, and the Vishnu Purana

VI.In China: Confucianism, Taouism, and Buddhism

VII.Among the Malays, the Slamatan Bromok, the Dyaks, the Papuan Tribes, the Ahetas

VIII.The Savage Races of Asia: the Samojedes; the Mongols; the Ostiaks; in Tibet

IX.Some African Superstitions

X.The Zulu Witch-finders180

XI.Zabianism and Serpent-Worship

XII.Polynesian Superstitions

XIII.The Fiji Islanders

XIV.The Religion of the Maories

XV.The North American Indians

XVI.Among the Eskimos

XVII.A Mediæval Superstition: the Flagellants

XVIII.Scottish Superstitions: Halloween

XIX.Second Sight: Divination: Universality of certain Superstitions: Fairies in Scotland

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