The Kitchen Encyclopedia Twelfth Edition

The Kitchen Encyclopedia Twelfth Edition

The Kitchen Encyclopedia Twelfth Edition

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Swift's Premium Oleomargarine is a sweet, pure, clean, food product made from rich cream and edible fats. It contains every element of nutrition found in the best creamery butter.

The process of manufacture is primitive in its simplicity, but modern in its cleanliness and purity.

The butter fat in Swift's Premium Oleomargarine is microscopically and chemically the same as in the best butter; the only difference is in the way it is secured from the cow.

Butter fat in butter is all obtained by churning. In Swift's Premium Oleomargarine from ⅓ to ½ is obtained in that way, the remainder is pressed from the choicest fat of Government inspected animals. This pressed fat is called "Oleo" hence the name "Oleomargarine."

Rich cream, fancy creamery butter, 'oleo' 'neutral,' vegetable oil and dairy salt are the only ingredients of Premium Oleomargarine. 'Neutral' is pressed from leaf fat. It is odorless and tasteless.

There is no coloring matter added to Premium Oleomargarine, yet it is a tempting rich cream color.

Each week day during the year 1911 there has been an average of more than 400 visitors through our Chicago Oleomargarine Factory.

In addition to this daily inspection by the visiting public our factories are in complete charge of Government Inspectors.

These men test the quality and character of materials, they see that the contents of every tierce of 'oleo' and 'neutral' received from the Refinery is from animals that have passed the rigid Government inspection. They see that everything about the factories is kept absolutely clean and sanitary.

Read what a Government expert said about Oleomargarine:

The late Prof. W. O. Atwater, director of the United States Government Agricultural Experiment Station at Washington:

"It contains essentially the same ingredients as natural butter from cow's milk. It is perfectly wholesome and healthy and has a high nutritious value."

Order a carton of Swift's Premium Oleomargarine today to try it. You will find that it is a delicious, wholesome food product that you can use in your home and effect a great saving, still maintaining your standard of good living.

We particularly invite you to visit our factories and see for yourself the cleanliness surrounding this interesting industry.