The Otterbein Hymnal For Use in Public and Social Worship

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            The General Conference of 1889 ordered the publication of a hymnal that should be fully adapted to the needs of our church. In compliance with these instructions, the publishing agent, Rev. W.J. Shuey, arranged for its issue. Rev. E.S. Lorenz, well and favorably known throughout the Church, was asked to edit it, and, with the assistance of a thoroughly competent committee, has accomplished his task. I have carefully examined it in every part, and cannot see where any improvement can be made. It is pre-eminently a United Brethren Hymn-Book, providing as it does for every phase of our characteristic church life. It combines the solidity and stateliness of the standard hymns of the ages, with the life and sprightliness of the modern gospel song. The most recent songs are here for the young people, while the older members of the Church will hail with delight the reappearance of old songs dear to the hearts of many of us, because they are precious and good, and because our mothers sang them. Meeting every need of the public service, revival and social meetings, the Sunday-school, and the family, I can most cheerfully recommend this collection of hymns to our people, and trust that it will speedily be permitted to bring its help and blessing into every United Brethren church in our broad land, and beyond the seas, and that it will prove one of the many tender ties that unite our widely scattered members.

            A. WEAVER

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