The World's Great Sermons, Volume X

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            DRUMMOND (1851—1897).
 The Greatest Thing in the World

            WAGNER (Born in 1851).
 I Am a Voice

            GORDON (Born in 1853).
 Man in the Image of God

            DAWSON (Born in 1854).
 Christ Among the Common Things of Life

            SMITH (Born in 1856).
 Assurance in God

            GUNSAULUS (Born in 1856).
 The Bible vs. Infidelity

            HILLIS (Born in 1858).
 God the Unwearied Guide

            JEFFERSON (Born in 1860).
 The Reconciliation

            MORGAN (Born in 1863).
 The Perfect Ideal of Life

            CADMAN (Born in 1864).
 A New Day for Missions

            JOWETT (Born in 1864).
 Apostolic Optimism


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