A Young Folks' History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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CHAPTER I. A Parable 9 CHAPTER II. The First Vision 12 CHAPTER III. The Angel Moroni 16 CHAPTER IV. The Sacred Plates 18 CHAPTER V. The Book of Mormon 23 CHAPTER VI. The Three Witnesses 27 CHAPTER VII. The Priesthood Restored 32 CHAPTER VIII. Organization of the Church 34 CHAPTER IX. Persecution of Joseph 38 CHAPTER X. The Mission to the Indians 41 CHAPTER XI. Removal to Ohio 45 CHAPTER XII. The Land of Zion 49 CHAPTER XIII. Persecution in Jackson County 52 CHAPTER XIV. Expulsion from Jackson County 56 CHAPTER XV. Zion's Camp 60 CHAPTER XVI. The Church at Kirtland 65 CHAPTER XVII. The Twelve Apostles—The Seventies—Kirtland Temple 68 CHAPTER XVIII. The Mission to England 72 CHAPTER XIX. Far West 77 CHAPTER XX. Haun's Mill Massacre 82 CHAPTER XXI. Driven from Missouri 86 CHAPTER XXII. In Missouri Prisons 92 CHAPTER XXIII. Nauvoo 96 CHAPTER XXIV. The Martyrdom 103 CHAPTER XXV. Expulsion from Illinois 109 CHAPTER XXVI. The Battle of Nauvoo 114 CHAPTER XXVII. Westward 118 CHAPTER XXVIII. The Mormon Battalion 123 CHAPTER XXIX. The Pioneers 127 CHAPTER XXX. Great Salt Lake City 132 CHAPTER XXXI. Growth of Utah and the Church 187 CHAPTER XXXII. The "Utah War" 141 CHAPTER XXXIII. The "Utah War" (Concluded) 145 CHAPTER XXXIV. Prosperity 148 CHAPTER XXXV. The "Crusade" 152 CHAPTER XXXVI. The Presidency of Wilford Woodruff 157 CHAPTER XXXVII. Temple Building 163 CHAPTER XXXVIII. The Presidency of Lorenzo Snow 167 CHAPTER XXXIX. The Presidency of Joseph F. Smith 171 APPENDIX. First Presidencies of the Church 182 List of Twelve Apostles 183 MAPS. Fayette and Kirtland 36 Missouri and Illinois 59 Routes of Mormon Battalion and Pioneers 128 ILLUSTRATIONS. Joseph Smith, the Prophet FRONTISPIECE Hyrum Smith the Patriarch 2 Brigham Young 68 The Hill Cumorah 19 The Three Witnesses 28 Sidney Rigdon 47 President Brigham Young 68 The Kirtland Temple 70 President Heber C. Kimball 73 Haun's Mill 83 The Nauvoo House 97 The Nauvoo Mansion 99 Carthage Jail 106 A Pioneer Train 120 Salt Lake Valley in 1847 133 The Old Fort 135 Salt Lake Tabernacle (Interior) 149 Salt Lake Tabernacle (Exterior) 150 President John Taylor 153 President Wilford Woodruff 157 The Pioneer Monument 161 Salt Lake Temple and Grounds 164 President Lorenzo Snow 168 The First Presidency, 1916 174 Joseph Smith Monument and Memorial Cottage 178 Church Office Building 180

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