The Brain, A Decoded Enigma

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Fundamental Terms (keywords)
Definitions associated with the basic terms
The basic hardware elements
Some principial problems
How M-ZM models are build
The human brain (introduction)
The human brain versus animal brain
Human brain: evolution or external intervention
Basic design deficiencies of the human brain
The structure of the brain, the PSM-model
The structure of the brain: functional facilities and types of models
Paranormal phenomena
The normal human brain
The abstract of the functional facilities of the brain
The personality (human only)
The conciousness
Abstract: model dictionary

Example, Tests, Aplications (ETAs)
ETA 1: The model
ETA 2: Truth, reality, communication
ETA 3: Fundamental problems associated to scientific knowledge
ETA 4: General communication language (GCL), dictionary of terms
ETA 5: NULL model
ETA 6: Time
ETA 7: Music
ETA 8: Cinematography
ETA 9: The fundamentalisms of the world we live in
ETA 10: Terrorism
ETA 11: Problems of the human brain evolution
ETA 12: Rattlesnake
ETA 13: The main psychiatric illnesses: paranoia and schizophrenia
ETA 14: Suicide
ETA 15: Normality tests
ETA 16: Dreams
ETA 17: The history of the evolution of the human species, based on MDT
ETA 18: The organization of the human society
ETA 19: The schizophrenic-paranoiac complex (XSPC)
ETA 20: Induced paranoia (XIP) and paranoiac-schizophrenic complex
ETA 21: Disharmonies of the functions of the brain
ETA 22: Direct demonstration of the function to build image models
ETA 23: Some basic parameters of the brain for measuring the
ETA 24: Animals
ETA 25: Very complicated operations on image models (walk, jumps,
climbing trees) of humans
ETA 26: The brain evolves under our eyes
ETA 27: Principial negative effects associated with the functioning of
the brain
ETA 28: Free-masonry
ETA 29: Problems associated with movie-making
ETA 30: Optical perspective and the quality of construction of image
ETA 31: Something agressivity may fight XS1-type schizophrenia
ETA 32: Sex
ETA 33: The internal body
ETA 34: The european spirit
End notes

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