Letter of Appeal: We Need Your Support

 Sao Mai Center for the Blind, established in October 2001, is based on the principle that just like other people, the visually impaired have the right to learn, to work and to live in an equal and inclusive society. 

We are  committed to help people with visual impairment achieve their basic rights by empowering them with technology application and development for learning, working and living independently. You can find more information about Sao Mai in the About menu.

As a non-profit organization, without government funding, we rely entirely on our sponsored projects, our own efforts, and contributions and financial aids from donors. We have also started to offer products and services for  the general public to raise funds for the Center’s activities

We need organizations, companies  and individuals to help us  maintain and develop more effective activities for people with visual impairment in Vietnam.

This is how you can contribute and support us.


Up to August 2016, Sao Mai Center has trained a number of trainers and technicians, and set up 26 computer labs in 23 cities/provinces throughout the country, especially in some developing provinces in the Mekong Delta, Central and North Vietnam. Thanks to that, the number of visually impaired people given the opportunity to access computer learning has considerably increased.

The visually impaired using technological products such as laptops and mobile devices in learning and working is no longer something strange or unusual. It is truly a revolution that helps the visually impaired overcome the barrier of accessibilities, empowers them and supports them in daily life and activities more equally and inclusively. However, there are still a lot of visually impaired people who cannot afford the necessary equipment.

 In order to fight the digital divide, we really need your donations of equipment including computers, printers, scanners and mobile devices, to support visually impaired students as well as associations for the blind in developing and remote areas.

If you have used equipment, please donate it to us. We will service it, repair it, install assistive software and give it to blind people in need.

Financial Aid

 If you make a financial donation without specifications, our policy is that 95% of your donation will serve visually impaired beneficiaries, and 5% will be spent on coordination and management costs of Sao Mai.

We will give the donors reports with full details if requested.

Please refer to “Information for Donations” page.

Sponsor a Sao Mai project, activity or a training course

You can sponsor or contribute the expenses of a single program or activity.

  • Digital Library. We have more than 3.000 books accessible to the blind, but this is very little if compared with the books available on paper support to the sighted reader.

  • Production of  the Sao Mai AccessTech Magazine and its English translation.

  • Website development, maintenance and translation (The website is also where the Digital Library books can be read or downloaded).

  • Software and hardware needed by the Center.

  • Software development and localization.

  • Independent living programs and sessions.

  • Vocational training and job placement.

  • Computer classes and advanced training for the blind and blind trainers.

  • Music classes.

  • Contribute the running costs of the premises.

  • Purchase products, assistive technology and services.

  • Distribution of the software for sighted children that Sao Mai translated in Vietnamese. With a small donation we can send you the required copies and you can distribute it to individuals, schools and children centers in your province. Details: here. Or contact us for more information.

  • Works and improvements needed in the building.

We look forward to your contribution and support to create an equal and inclusive society for the visually impaired in Vietnam.

Disability is not just a medical issue. It is not just a social issue.  It is a human rights issue.

For further information/requests, please contact us.

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