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Sao Mai Braille (SMB) is a free rich text editing and Braille translation software for Windows, developed by Sao Mai Center for the Blind. We hope that this additional tool will help blind individuals/organizations for/of visually impaired people produce Braille materials quickly and less costly.

Sao Mai Center is a non-profit organization based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Read more about us.


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SMB main features:

  • Editing and translating rich text into Braille.
  • 6-key input method with FDSJKL and VCXM,.
  • Supporting to translate into Braille with more than 100 tables with LibLouis library.
  • Working and translating into Braille correctly with print document types such as Microsoft Word, TXT, RTF and HTML. Supporting to open and save Braille document types into rich-text with .smb extension, Portable Embosser File .pef, Braille-Ready File .brf and unformatted Braille .brl.
  • Allowing to translate document written in multiple languages by their correct Braille translation table.
  • Inputting and translating math equations into Braille UEB standard (basic).
  • Inserting, editing and converting images into Braille tactile graphic (basic).
  • Translating music scores into Braille (currently, supported MusicXML standard).
  • Highly customizing translation options to process Braille formats with built-in styles set.
  • Multi-lingual user interface.
  • Accessible with screen readers such as Jaws and NVDA.



SMB doesn’t require any special system requirements. However, if working with big file size like 50Mb and above, it’s recommended to have at least 4Gb of RAM.

Follow setup instructions to complete the installation. By default, SMB is installed on your system drive -> Program Files (X86)\SaoMai\SMB. And configuration files are saved in %appdata%\SaoMai\SMB

SMB requires administration right during the installation progress. Download links are at the end of this post.

Please read the What's New in Sao Mai Braille's Releases to know more about new features, improvements and existing issues.

Read Sao Mai Braille user guide online here.



Please fill out the form below to download the software. If you cannot download, please contact us.
We are a non-profit organization and we rely on donations and grants to continue improving, developing new assistive tools and providing free related services for visually impaired people. So, your giving a hand is highly appreciated and much thankful. Please read our Letter of Appeal for more information.


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