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Sao Mai Braille (SMB) is a free rich-text editor and Braille translation software for Windows. We hope that this additional tool will help blind individuals and organizations to produce Braille materials more quickly, effectively, and at a lower cost.

Main Features

  • Rich-text editor for both print and Braille.

  • 6-key input method.

  • Translate text into Braille with about 150 different language translation tables using LibLouis library.

  • Translate into Braille from print document types, such as Microsoft Word, TXT, RTF and HTML. Open and save Braille documents into rich-text .SMB extension, Portable Embosser File (.PEF), Braille-Ready File (.BRF), unformatted Braille (.BRL), and Spanish Braille (.BRA).

  • Translate document written in multiple languages by selecting relevant Braille translation tables.

  • Mathematics support: view/edit math equations, import/export LaTeX and MathMl, convert equations to speech and Braille, and read in navigation mode. MathCAT is used to provide speech and Braille.

  • Insert, edit, and convert images into Braille tactile graphics (experimental and currently limited).

  • Translate music score into high-quality Braille result (currently supporting MusicXML standard). SMB software uses our own SM Music Braille engine, which supports many unique features and custom transcription options. With its Score Info management tool, transcribers can perform basic score editing for obtaining a better Braille output.

  • Easily add new highly customizable styles and apply flexible Braille formatting. The software also includes frequently used styles.

  • Automate the creation of Braille table of contents with many customizable options.

  • Various Braille data table types with customizable options for each.

  • "Split Document" tool to manage book volumes.

  • Support for different Braille output encodings and a tool to convert between Braille Ascii and Unicode.

  • The software’s user interface is available in 36 languages and is designed to work friendly with screen readers like Jaws and NVDA.


SMB does not have any specific system requirements and has been tested on both Windows 10 and 11. However, it is expected to work with older versions of Windows as well.

To install SMB, please follow the setup instructions. By default, SMB is installed on your system drive at the following location: "Program Files\SaoMai\SMB". The configuration files are saved in: "%appdata%\SaoMai\SMB".

Users of Jaws and NVDA screen reading software can enhance their navigation and reading experience by installing a script or add-on. When starting SMB, a prompt will appear asking if you would like to install the Jaws script or NVDA add-on if the corresponding screen reading software is detected.

Alternatively, you can manually install the script or add-on later by accessing the Tools menu, selecting "Install add-on," and choosing the appropriate option.

Download latest version 23.8.0

Released date: August 1st, 2023. Fill out the form below to download. If you cannot download, please contact us.

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