Installing Vietnamese Dictionary for Spell-check in Microsoft Word

When you use English Microsoft Word to edit Vietnamese documents, it will mark Vietnamese words as the spelling errors. To solve this, you need to install the Vietnamese dictionary. Below are steps to download and configure Vietnamese dictionary for Word:


Custom dictionary dialogue of Word 2016


  1. Download Vietnamese dictionary file and extract.This file is built based on the dictionary database of the author, Ho Ngoc Duc.
  2. Open Word, press "alt+f" for file menu and "t" to open “Options”.
  3. Use down arrow or "control+tab" switch to Proofing page.
  4. Press "alt+c", or "tab" to find and ativate “Customize…” button to open the add custom dictionary dialogue.
  5. Press "alt+a", or find and activate “Add…” button.
  6. Browse and open the Vietnamese.dict that you just downloaed and extracted from step 1.
  7. Now, focus goes back to the custom dictionary dialogue and Vietnamese dictionary is already added in the list.
  8. Press "tab" to find and activate the Ok button. Then, "escape" to close the dialogue.


Congrats! Now you can use the spell check feature for Vietnamese documents. Please note, it will use both English and Vietnamese dictionaries.

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