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Hello and welcome back to the “Eyes off, hands on” video series. Today, we are at Nguyen Dinh Chieu School for the Blind to meet a teacher here – Mr. To Nguyen Chau.
Hello, Mr. Chau!
Hello, Ms. Xuan!
Can you share something about your current job?
My main job now is teaching at NDC School for the Blind. Besides, I collaborate on a project to provide computer skills training for the blind. The project is sponsored by Microsoft and conducted by Huong Duong Audio Book Library for the Blind in Ho Chi Minh City. Most of the time, I work with the blind.
When did you start exploring computers?
I first used a computer in 2003. The reason why I tried to learn more about computer science in general and hardware in particular was the fact that I am a blind person. At that time, I needed to rely on sighted people to use a computer. I found it rather bothersome, so I started learning about software, then I learned how to install software and operating system. After a time, the hardware of the computer I was using got worse here and there, so I wanted to disassemble and examine it all by myself. At first, I tried disassembling a desktop PC. After I had got some knowledge of it, I moved on to explore laptops.
Have you ever been unsuccessful in reassembling a computer after taking it apart?
When some part of it isn't fully inserted to its slot, the computer may not turn on. In that case, I only need to adjust it or make sure the cables are connected properly. Then the system will work as normal.
Now let's see Mr. Chau do it himself and demonstrate some steps that are supposed to be difficult for the visually impaired. Then you can absolutely believe in the ability of the blind.
This is a Lenovo ThinkPad T430. Currently it has a 240 GB SSD hard drive and a set of 16 GB RAM. I will replace those with a 120 GB hard drive and a set of 8 GB RAM.
This is the hard drive slot. I have just removed its case. I take out the old hard drive. This is the old one. And this is the new one I'm going to insert. Next, I remove the RAM set. For this laptop, you should note that it has two RAM slots in two different locations. The first slot is under the case I’m removing. The other slot is under the keyboard. So I remove the keyboard as well. This is the second RAM stick. Re-insert the keyboard. Re-insert the RAM stick. Re-install the keyboard screw. Re-install the case. I have finished the set up. Now I will turn on the laptop to check if it works.
So you have just watched a blind person disassemble and re-build a laptop PC all by himself. It is obvious that we lost our sight, but in order to be independent, we are using our hands to explore, to learn and to get used to all things that perfect eyes can do. We would like to state that, the blind can do a lot of things.
Thank you, Mr. Chau, for being here and sharing your useful experience with the audience of “Eyes off, hands on”.
Thank you, Ms. Xuan and your staff, for giving me a chance to prove that the blind can do many things that are thought to be difficult by sighted people. Thank you.
I wish you lots of luck and success in your life and your work.
This is the end of this episode. See you next time in the next episode with other guests and their amazing abilities.

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