Sao Mai AccessTech Magazine

Sao Mai AccessTech is the first Vietnamese magazine on assistive technology for the blind. It'The first issue was published in 2008 and created with the aim to provide concerned readers most update technology-related news around the world, tech product accessibility reviews, tutorials, tips and tricks for daily usage. Starting from issue 46 published on the 15th, May, 2017, we will have the English publication.

Readers can either read on the website or subscribe to receive our monthly publications via email. While, Visually impaired people in Vietnam with limited access to the internet can request for the Braille and CD/DVD copies mailed to their postal address.

In order to provide readers more interesting and useful information, we welcome and highly appreciate for your contributed news/articles on assistive technology for visually impaired people. Please share your article to us at:

  • News about technology for the blind, the article section introduces new features in NVDA 2018.3, NVDA 2018.4, Jaws 2019, and some useful tips for improving Google search experience. The tips section shares on how to automatically check for, download, and install updates for NVDA add-ons. The Useful apps section introduces application in Windows, and Android OS.

  • News about technology for the blind, the article section introduces the last part of the series called Settings for safe and optimal Windows, new features in NVDA 2018.2, and the guide for using Sao Mai Braille - new software developed by Sao Mai center for the blind. The tips section introduces an add-on for NVDA named speech history for reviewing and copying 100 most recent messages spoken by NVDA. App introduces are apps on Windows, Android and IOS.

  • News about technology for the blind, the articles section introduces on how to use Sao Mai Typing Tutor - new program produced by Sao Mai center, Part IV of Settings for safe and optimal Windows, new feature of NVDA 2018.1. the tips section introduces how to get an old version of NvDA. The app introduce are applications on Windows.

  • News about technology for the blind, the article section introduces new features in NVDA 2017.4; continue part 3 of Settings for safe and optimal Windows; Backup and restore system using Terabyte. The tips section shows how to install webvisum for new version of Mozilla Firefox. The app introduce section are applications on Windows.

  • News about technology for the blind; article section continue introducing the settings to make Windows run safely, and fit blind's need, new features in Jaws 2018; tips section is a solution to solve problem when typing Vietnamese using UniKey; tips sections, we're introduce apps on Windows and Android devices.

  • News about technology for the blind, the article section introduces the last article about solutions to solve problems where you cannot open an app on Windows 10, settings to make Windows run safely, and fit blind's needs, Jaws 18.0 enhancement. The tips section introduces the OCR feature on Windows 10, and the way to solve problem where you cannot log in to Facebook Messenger on Android devices. Besides, we introduce some accessible programs on Windows.

  • News about technology for the blind, such as the release of NVDA 2017.3, Jaws 2018 Public beta, backing up and restoring system using Rollback 10.7, solution to fix apps can’t open in Windows 10. The tips section shares an experience about switching to the Basic HTML view in Gmail. This issue we introduce a new section called App introduces, which share useful program or application

  • Collaboration with the Dot Incorporation, Burmese SAPI speech engine, Braille printing service and more accessible Moovid app are among the main interesting news in this publication. Besides, we also bring to our readers some interesting articles include: backup and restore with RollBack freezing software, exploring location and recognizing text with Eye-d app, more solutions for error cannot open app on Windows 10, locking the mouse on laptop, NVDA add-on to easily switch among selected synthesizers and the new Android feature to select and speak which is quite useful for low-vision users.

  • New Sao Mai Braille and talking watch models, Seeing Ai app for iOS for the blind to explore the world, global ICT challenge contest are among the most interesting news in this issue. In the article and tips section, there are more mainstream-trended posts, include: using OneDrive with screen reader part 2, fixing Windows 10 cannot open apps issue, getting NVDA speaking password while typing, quickly turning on/off Talkback + Voiceover and the tip on how to manage Windows automatic updates feature.

  • Going through exciting tech news around the world like SeeingAi smart class project, touch tablet to explore objects and latest releases of assistive software. There are 5 writings in the article section and 4 in the tips and tricks. Some of them are: preview of new accessibility features of upcoming Apple platforms, using OneDrive with screen reader, accessibility basic notes that all web developers should keep in mind, another option for Talkback on later Samsung Android smartphones, light detector app and more.

  • Beside interesting tech news like the first Braille smart watch in the world, international online NVDA conference, this issue also has articles such as new features of Jaws and NVDA, notable points when sending file attachment with GMail, using NVDA configuration profile, Vietnamese spell check with Microsoft Word, sending messages to multiple people on iPhone, mass-changing home phone numbers with VNPT Contact Update app and voice-searching information with VAV app on Android.