The Way To Geometry

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Booke I. Of a Magnitude

            Booke II. Of a Line

            Book III. Of an Angle

            Book IV. Of a Figure

            Book V. Of Lines and Angles in a plaine Surface

            Book VI. Of a Triangle

            Book VII. The comparison of Triangles

            Book VIII. Of the diverse kinds of Triangles

            Book IX. Of the measuring of right lines by like right-angled Triangles

            Book X. Of a Triangulate and Parallelogramme

            Book XI. Of a Right-angle

            Book XII. Of a Quadrate

            Book XIII. Of an Oblong

            Book XIV. Of a right line proportionally cut: And of other Quadrangles, and Multangles

            Book XV. Of the Lines in a Circle

            Book XVI. Of the Segments of a Circle

            Book XVII. Of the Adscription of a Circle and Triangle

            Book XVIII. Of the adscription of a Triangulate

            Book XIX. Of the measuring of ordinate Multangle, and of a Circle

            Book XX. Of a Bossed surface

            Book XXI. Of Lines and Surfaces in solids

            Book XXII. Of a Pyramis

            Book XXIII. Of a Prisma

            Book XXIV. Of a Cube

            Book XXV. Of mingled ordinate Polyedra's

            Book XXVI. Of a Spheare

            Book XXVII. Of the Cone and Cylinder

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