SM Music Reader 1.1.7 Update Release

We are happy to announce the release SM Music Reader update version 1.1.7 with new features: built in the Guitar Tuner, access to Sao Mai free online music sharing library, magnification options and many other existing features + app performance improvements. It is the first free music reading app for the blind on Android platform.

SM Music Reader 1.0.3

We just updated the SM Music Reader app for Android,1.0.3 version  with the following improvements and new features:

  • Search for music sheet in the List window
  • Play current measure
  • Mark previous and next passage by the same time duration of current marker
  • Play tic-tac sound for waiting process events such as opening a long score or first opening the app to update sheet list
  • Lyrics speaking options: speak all, skip all, speak first-fifth lyric
  • Fix some minor bugs and sheet processing improvements


SM Myanmar TTS Updates: Android version is now released!

Sao Mai is happy to announce the release of Android text-to-speech engine for Burmese language named SM Myanmar TTS.
At the end of 2018, we already released the Burmese TTS engine on Windows platform; and today, with the Android version, we hope to bring more equal opportunities for visually impaired people in Myanmar to access to education, employment and independently manage daily living activities.
For more info about the TTS engine, please visit: SM Myanmar TTS - Apps on Google Play.

Sao Mai Typing Tutor (SMTT)

Sao Mai Typing Tutor (SMTT) is an application developed by Sao Mai Center for the Blind. The main objective of this application is to help all computer beginners explore, learn and improve typing skills. In addition, we hope this will also bring one more useful tool for trainers to support their training