Lightfoot the Deer

Lightfoot the Deer

Lightfoot the Deer

Tác giả: Thornton W. Burgess
Chủ đề: Văn học
Thể loại: Tham khảo - Nghiên Cứu
Định dạng: Epub

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Nhà xuất bản unknown
Nhà xuất bản sách tiếp cận Public domain
Năm xuất bản 2003
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Produced by Kent Fielden. HTML version by Al Haines.














 I: Peter Rabbit Meets Lightfoot II: Lightfoot's New Antlers III: Lightfoot Tells How His Antlers Grew IV: The Spirit Of Fear V: Sammy Jay Brings Lightfoot Word VI: A Game Of Hide And Seek VII: The Merry Little Breezes Help Lightfoot VIII: Wit Against Wit IX: Lightfoot Becomes Uncertain X: Lightfoot's Clever Trick XI: The Hunted Watches The Hunter XII: Lightfoot Visits Paddy The Beaver XIII: Lightfoot And Paddy Become Partners XIV: How Paddy Warned Lightfoot XV: The Three Watchers XVI: Visitors To Paddy's Pond XVII: Sammy Jay Arrives XVIII: The Hunter Loses His Temper XIX: Sammy Jay Is Modest XX: Lightfoot Hears A Dreadful Sound XXI: How Lightfoot Got Rid Of The Hounds XXII: Lightfoot's Long Swim XXIII: Lightfoot Finds A Friend XXIV: The Hunter Is Disappointed XXV: The Hunter Lies In Wait XXVI: Lightfoot Does The Wise Thing XXVII: Sammy Jay Worries XXVIII: The Hunting Season Ends XXIX: Mr. And Mrs. Quack Are Startled XXX: The Mystery Is Solved XXXI: A Surprising Discovery XXXII: Lightfoot Sees The Stranger XXXIII: A Different Game Of Hide And Seek XXXIV: A Startling New Footprint XXXV: Lightfoot Is Reckless XXXVI: Sammy Jay Takes A Hand XXXVII: The Great Fight XXXVIII: An Unseen Watcher XXXIX: Lightfoot Discovers Love XL: Happy Days In The Green Forest